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  1. Here is me: http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showuser=1 :P
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    Its fantastic. Only bit of constructive criticism I feel is that the colour scheme is quite hard on your eyes. i.e. Red Background / Blue Text I also have a hangover from a big night out in London. For people like me, sites need to be hangover friendly. B)
  3. Yeah maybe your image is too large. I would also stick a <br> under your sale products. Looks great by the way.
  4. The price of a single CubeCart license will remain at $49.95 untill 11:59 pm on 17th August 2003. This is because there are problems with the secure payment server account which are out of my control. Rest assured that these are being dealt with (not by me but PaySystems in Canada) shortly. If this problem is not resolved the price will be left at $49.95 untill it is fixed for at least a 12 - 24 hour period. B)
  5. Because I spent about 3 week looking up domain names and wanted one where .co.uk .net and .com were free. CubeCart although many will think it is crap is certainly memorable as it has a visual representation in the mind and is alliteration. Thought of hundreds WizardCart MartCart http://esto.re etc etc hundreds but there come a time when you just have to take the plunge.
  6. HI no there isn't a tracking... but most hosting companies provide much more detailed information for you p.s. Personally I would upgrade to CubeCart it'm much less limited. :D
  7. Yeah that bug nearly cost me a few new computer screens! NO problem thanks for all your patience.
  8. Al Brookbanks

    Tech Hut

    Great thanks B)
  9. Me too and hundreds of others. A stupid little bug held me up but thats now fixed. However I think there will be others that with the help of you folks should be Ironed out very quickly and we can release the final stable (famous last words) version. I didnt even notice it was in the wrong place untill you pointed it out. B)
  10. Al Brookbanks

    Tech Hut

    PROUDLY Powered by CubeCart 2.0.0 RC 1 ©2003 techhut.net HaHaHaHa do your general settings update ok and did you upgrade or fresh install Store looks good B)
  11. Welcome to the new website... ...Finally after hours of heartache and pain the first release candidate CubeCart (2.0.0 RC1) and cubecart.com has been released. Please note that this website and the release is brand new and there is a possibility that bugs will be found. If so please report them to [email protected] and they shall be dealt with as soon as possible. Have a nice day... ...Oh one more thing the price of CubeCart will remain at $49.95 untill 11.59pm Friday 15th August when it will raise to $59.95. Please note that member who registered at the forums of brooky.com will need to reregister if they originally did so after 6th August. IMPORTANT: I will now email all those who volunteered to translate CubeCart with the file to translate and post them in the download sections once they are completed. Only those that volunteered will be accepted and given their licences unless they pull out. Please be patient as these will be available shortly. Forgot to mention... thank you to everyone who has helped me in every way! It wouldn't be possible with out such a great buch of people and very positive users. I hope CubeCart is very prosperous for your businesses!!
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