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  1. Have a look at this... http://www.cubecart.com/site/downloads/index.php?fileId=43
  2. Sorry I struggled for time this morning. I will do this for you now.
  3. If anybody else has this problem please let me know and I'll fix it.
  4. Hello, With this site launch and last email things have been astonishing around here!! I'll fix this for you now. If you could email us your login email address and/or license key I will fix this for you immediately.
  5. I get emails telling me to buy a banned cd too. Has a form to purchase it without an SSL Cert to put your credit card info in. Blatently another scam.
  6. Exactly!! My thoughts entirely... Arses!!
  7. Thats a nightmare sorry to hear it. I too have received those emails but never acted on them. I know there is another one to get you to "update" your account credit card details with eBay. Its sad there are soooooo many crooks on the internet.
  8. Hi, As of 12th June '04 the new CubeCart.com website has been released. Please be patient as our nameserver changes and propogates across the www. The new site has been designed to be more user friendly and now combines forum & license Key login. Customers who purchased their license key prior to the new site can login with their email address like before. Please feel free to contact us if you come accross any bugs and slowly all the website features will be working. Development of a new cube cart shopping script will also start soon. :rolly:
  9. Hi, The forums have now been moved to our new server based in Reading, UK. Hopefully this dedicated server will be a great deal faster and we will slowly move the rest of CubeCart here asap. N.B. http://forums.brooky.com is a temporary URL untill the switch over is complete. :(
  10. Hi, You may have noticed that this server is painfully slow and up and down like a yoyo. As a result we will be moving this site piece by peice to a new dedicated server (based in the Unkited Kingdom). Apologies in advance for any disruption, but this should be minimal. Brooky :(
  11. :D Yes it is similar but of course less superior. LOL
  12. I have used it before. Very cool software. Love the demo. :D
  13. Name: admin.rar Version: 2.0 Author: Joker Short Description: Add/remove admin Long Description: 1. You can add/remove admin interface users, add groups, put users different to groups. You can see if some hacker try many times to login you system. Rar file contain screenshots about this mod. [Download File]
  14. Name: new_name_2_0_beta1.zip Version: 2.0 (beta) Author: Joker Short Description: More admins, groups, hack log Long Description: You can remove, add, change admin rights. Add admin to different group. Zip file contain screenshots about mod. [Download File]
  15. Hi, I have been snowboarding in Andorra to comeb ack and find that the server was corrupt. This was due to a software upgrade by the hosting company which modified the http.conf file. It should all now be fixed and working properly. Sorry for the inconvenience. :D
  16. Name: ebaymod.zip Version: 1.0 Author: dcwd Short Description: Display your ebay auctions Long Description: This is a hack that will allow your store customers the ability to view any items you currently have on Ebay, without leaving your site. [Download File]
  17. LOL!! Because us Britts are stupid. The £ vs the $ is at an 11 year high. This means $59.95 is only £31.7229 (To be precise). About 6 months ago it was more like £40. (Massive difference.) No the real reason is becuase there are 300 million in the USA vs 58 Million in the UK. As a result the market is vastly bigger. This mean mega bucks (theoretically for CubeCart) LOL!! Saying that CubeCart is used every where from Australia, India, UK, USA, Transalvania... You name a country and it is probably used. Does CubeCart make any money? Yes it makes a small amount and possibly make a sales every other day. Here are our hit stats. http://www.cubecart.com/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl (Only goes back to feb though sadly.) (Its growing exponentially). I have nothing to hide and am probably too honest for my own good. I hope you enjoy CubeCart. Right its time for a beer. :D
  18. Name: new_names_1_15.rar Version: 1.0 Author: Joker Short Description: Add more admins! Long Description: You can remove, add, change admin rights. Add admin to group. [Download File]
  19. File Name :: currency_1_6.zip Author :: Joker Category :: Major Description You can add, edit, remove currency if this is not in admin module. View File
  20. Name: ban_1_0.rar Author: Joker Short Description: Ban/access system to admin module Long Description: a. You have many users, you want know from which IP they login to admin module? b. maybe some hacker try login to you admin module and you want to know this? c. You want block hacker or admin IP who logged in? PS! If you want use this module, then before you must install mod: new_names.rar [Download File]
  21. Name: SIM Printable Reciept Form Version: 1.0 Author: Paycheck Short Description: A form that grabs the return variables from your auth net payment form and creates a nice form. Long Description: Allow your customers to be redirected to a nice formatted form that posts all the variables from your payment form via the SIM method of your authorizenet.com account. If you do not want to go to the trouble to create your own form to submit to authorizenet.com/transact.dll then use there form and this recipet page to create a look and feel all your own. If anyone is haveing trouble I have a forum set up on my site as well. http://www.jsm-inc.com/members/ [Download File]
  22. http://www.cubecart.com/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl
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