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  1. Name: minimum_order.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Minimum order value before check-out. Long Description: With this mod you can stop customers to checkout if not placed a minimum order.The value of the minimum order can be set as you disire. [Download File] This mod is no longer compatible with the latest versions of cubecart there is a working version here
  2. THIS DOWNLOAD HAS NOW BEEN FIXED AND UPADTED TO THE AUTHORS LATEST VERSION - Brooky Name: instock_mod.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Bill Whitmire Short Description: Auto instock update Mod with extras Long Description: 1. This will let you, in your add_product.php and edit_product.php enter in a in stock amount for that product. 2. When a customer is on the view_product.php page it will show a in stock 3. If the in stock in at 0 the add to cart button will display OUT OF STOCK and they cant click it. 4. If it is in stock and they try to add more to the quantity then what is in stock for that item on the view_cart.php page the in stock coloum will display the in stock amount in red for that product and the quantity will default to the in stock amount. So they cant order more then what you have. 5. When the go to check out after the click Check Out your in stock amount will subtract the quantity they purchased therfore updating automaticly --------------------------- as of 03 08 2004 this mod is updated : - BEFORE INSTALLING TAKE TIME TO READ THE README.txt !!! (included in the zipfile) - all typos are gone - all install textfiles in this zip refer to UNMODIFIED ORIGINAL CUBECART-FILES V2.00 or V2.01 - tested to be found bugfree ::::Nice:::: [Download File] //************************************** TOPIC CLOSED ! find the latest version here !
  3. Name: extra_comments_box_at_checkout.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Adds an extra commentbox at checkout. Long Description: I needed a box where customers could tell me on wich day i must deliver the orders. So here's an extra message box. viewable in admin, in the frontend & in the email. [Download File]
  4. Hi, You just need to edit the html in the board wrapper in admin. This one has the forums stuck in an html table.
  5. Name: guestbook.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Guestbook , stores data on a flat file. Long Description: A simple guestbook that uses only one php file & one file to store data entry. Usefull if you don't want to play around with your database. Uses the lang.inc.php so it can be used in every language. [Download File]
  6. Name: adding_a_new_link_table_mod.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Adds a new table Long Description: With this mod you create a new right handed table in your store front, use it to display links to new pages that can include html, php etc, or you can use it to display banners, advertisement etc... [Download File]
  7. Name: add_comments.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Joker Short Description: Add comments Long Description: Add comments to every product! [Download File] This MOD has been upgraded to add_comments1_2.zip please download the most stable version from the link below: add_comments1_2.zip
  8. I geuse because some products are hard to categorise and may be tricky for a customer to find. :)
  9. Name: order_view_cart.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Michael [ http://www.qdpie.com ] Short Description: Link to view product from cart. Long Description: This turns the image in the shopping cart and checkout, into a link back to the item it is from. [Download File]
  10. Name: ship_price.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Michael [ http://www.qdpie.com ] Short Description: Individual product shipping value. Long Description: This mod allows you to include an individual, per product shipping value, along with, or instead of the catagory shipping values. [Download File]
  11. Name: blue_table.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Tom Ringström Short Description: New table graphics Long Description: This is a new and more colorful graphic pack for the tables that are used by the store. [Download File]
  12. I new my mod integration of this board and the download software was too good to be true. I'll fix it ;)
  13. Name: TAXmod.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Stijn Jammaers Short Description: Adds tax in final price and informs your customers. Long Description: Installing this mod will result in : 1. Including the tax amount in prices. 2. Informing customers that tax is included in the price of your products. 3. Informing customers that if they want an invoice sent by mail the shop owner will display texrates properly. This mod is based on Tom Ringströms tax modification. [Download File]
  14. Name: tax_include_mod.zip Version: 1.0 Author: Tom Ringström Short Description: Include tax in final price Long Description: This modification will include the tax to the final price at check out instead of adding the tax you have selected in the admin->settings page to the price. Please note that you enter the correct taxing amount that should be included in the final price at checkout. [Download File]
  15. Sorry its taken so long but finally you can submit modifications and hacks for CubeCart at: http://mods.cubecart.com Once approved they will be added to the downloads section found at http://download.cubecart.com ;)
  16. Some interesting stuff. I my self and CubeCart/brooky.com is based in the UK also. I intend to move to WorldPay in the future. ;)
  17. Thanks... It astonishes me how people have the nerve to steal Credit Card information... and the greed of international companies. Its a shame the world is such a greedy place these days.
  18. CubeCart does not make a lot of sales and really just makes enough to tick over... I ranting today as I have had at least 5 fraudulent orders with 2Checkout over the last 4 months which I think is disgraceful. What upsets me more is that they are going to make me pay a $29 charge back fee on top of losing $60!! Has anybody else had an inexusable amout of fraudulent orders with 2Checkout?! This arrived today with no warning what so ever. :P
  19. Yeah and the mods section is nearly completed.. I have very little time these days...
  20. Dearest CubeCartians, I thought I would write this to let everybody know why things have slowed around here. Basically CubeCart is run be me "Brooky" and some fantastic helpers. I have (with out choice) started a full time job as wel as maintaining this site. My full time job is web design/development in the music industry as this is new CubeCart has taken a back seat whilst things settle. As a result I apologize in advance for slow email response and support in these forums. In fact I went to the launch party of Mankato last night http://www.mankato.co.uk which the company I work for produced. Its an exciting lifestyle... Please do not feel development has stopped or that CubeCart will fade away as this will certainly never happen. The license sales keep this site running and really cover expenses such as hosting @ $500 a year as well as the occasional... well... often indulgence in sex, drugs and booze in and around London, UK!! Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to supporting you all along with the wonderful helpers such as AngP and co that make this all worth while. ;)
  21. I agree I have been lame as I now have this to run and a job which makes me have to abandon this from 7:30am to 7:30 pm I have not heard from Brain (BrJones) for quite some time. I hope all is well and AngP has been quite ill Time are not great for CubeCart... however I will make sure it goes from strength to strength and continue to grow. It is a part of me now... and won't ever let it go... :D
  22. :( In just two days I have learnt a lot and as a result when things have settled CubeCart WILL go from strength to strength.
  23. Dear folks, Sincere apologies for not having been here for the last few days! I have hundreds of emails to reply to and a lot of forum posts to read. This is because I have started a new job with a small startup company which is an hour in each direction from where I live about 75 miles round trip! I have to leave home at 7:30 and and do not come home until near 7:30pm. I'm hoping that this will not influence CubeCart too much but things need to settle. :(
  24. Yeah Ang get well soon I have had a weekend away and the last two days sorting out some new business which means i won't be around so much. Its likely that things MAY slow a little round here.
  25. No I think they didn't realise it would put the placeholder back. So in fact I didnt see any downtime. (Although I'm sure they had to reboot). WebSiteSource.com have been oustanding in the 2 months I've been with them. Not cheap though but I think in hosting like most other things in life you really do get what you pay for.
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