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  1. OK that all makes sense and clearly in a custom skin the code modification will work but if we were looking at the default skin shipped with CC6 surely there must be a value declared somewhere either in Foundation or within CC6 which sets the precis length of the following piece of code $product.description_short
  2. I wanted a longer description which appears underneath the product title in the catalogue list view. In templates/content.category.php I found this around line 94 which appears to be the line which gives us the short description under the title in list view {$product.description_short|strip_tags:true}but I can't find where the value is specified to give the character length for the $product.description_short so instead I've changed the line of code to this: {$product.description|truncate:125:"…"|strip_tags:true}this does work but I wanted a] to be sure I've not done something that breaks coding elsewhere, which it doesn't seem to have done, and b] is there somewhere obvious I've missed where I can change or add a value to specify the .description_short length?
  3. Thanks bsmither I had all but concluded the value I was looking for was that the base font-size was 100% and therefore scales according to browser and device, which I guess would be the way to deal with the font base in a responsive framework. Instead I've played around with the REM values until I have what I was looking for. Sometimes I forget this is responsive design and not fixed!
  4. Does anyone know the REM base in pixels for the default skin? I can find the font family " 'Open Sans', sans-serif;" specified for the html element in cubecart.css and I can find all the REM sizes for the H tags in cubecart.default.css here I see that H6 is set at 1 REM but I'd like to know what pixel size that is so I can base my scaling on a starting point rather than guessing roughly what sizes I'm working to.
  5. I Think this may be a wider issue, I've not had time to post during December as too busy but I have had a string of complaints in the run up to Christmas regarding customers not being able to add to basket. The most recent was a customer who phoned us today. The occurances seem totally random, no one operating system / browser stands out as causing the issue and on the two computers I have with various browser tests and my Blackberry I've not been able to replicate the problem. It's hard to put this into perspective in relation to successful orders as not everyone lets you know they've had issues, but it is clearly occuring for some reason. I'm currently running v4.4.2 with a modified skin, but it's a skin which has worked without issue on earlier versions. My search for a solution / the cause goes on, but I suspect it will never really be resolved.
  6. sorted, made changes I wanted and no ill affects, so assume it's ok to do what I wanted to do.
  7. is the following code near the top of viewProd.tpl for a reason, is it safe to move it further down the page, my own custom layout puts the image and the description above the buy button and I couldn't see any reason why the form wouldn't work if I move the code down below the image gallery code etc. and closer to the rest of the form fields Currently running v4.3.3 if this info is needed (working on a revised skin before upgrade to latest version.) <!-- END: opts_notice --> <form action="{CURRENT_URL}" method="post" name="addtobasket" target="_self">
  8. We are suddenly experiencing an issue where a completed and paid order is having it's status changed from processing to cancelled at any time from order completion to several hours after the order has been placed. We have contacted the customers concerned and they are not cancelling the orders. There is no sign of anyone unauthorised logging into admin. We cannot see what is causing this, any thoughts anyone? Our site has run fine for a couple of years and this is the first time this has ever happened. UPDATE: I have just discovered this has been reported in bug tracker id 0001851
  9. Because of some external links I have in my index.tpl file when customers click the login option I get the dreaded IE security pop-up. My cart.tpl is clean of any such links so does not trigger the warning if the register link is clicked. Is it possible to move the login code to load under the cart.tpl Also my category menu does not go https when they click login I'm a little suprised at that but never noticed it before, is this normal.
  10. yes I realise the main Cubecart page is index.php but for some reason, probably down to something I've changed but can't put my finger on, Google is finding links to index.html within some pages of our site then discovering quite correctly, it does not exist, what I'm trying to uncover is how or why some of my pages are suddenly referencing index.html in their links. Current possiblities are as a result of the apache re-write mod or most likely something else I've 'tweeked' in recent months. Either way it's not causing anything more serious than some error reports and a little frustration on my part.
  11. Yes, I use DW to basically modify any php, css, html, placeholders or anything else within the Cubecart files then I view the changes either in Wampserver if the changes are major or if just a tweek I tend to use my live server.
  12. I have to admit I've never tried to work on CC this way and taking a quick look I can't see how it would be done in DW
  13. Thanks Havenswift-Hosting thought there was a piece of the jigsaw missing.
  14. There's a very good commercial RSS feed mod available over in the third party forums as well as a lot of discussion on adding blogs in various ways
  15. I have to admit I've never set up SSI on Dreamweaver so can't answer that for you. I use CC4.2.x on WampServer setting it up as a new site in Dreamweaver, see topic 33063 I test and modify in that enviroment using Dramweaver as the editor then transfer the files to my live site once I'm happy with the changes
  16. To generate a cubecart page requires the css file, the template file and the php file so just adding the css to the head of a source code page won't give you a displayable page in Dreamweaver. You can set up server side options in Dreamweaver but I use a seperate test server for developing and checking changes to Cubecart.
  17. Yes, came to the same conclusion, I think possibly a link I had coded as <a href="/" target="_self"> may be causing the problem, but it's been in my code for some time. I did change this to index.php but didn't like the address which appears in the bottom corner of IE so have since change the link to <a href="http://www.mysite.com/"> but I've never really been able to find out which way to link back to a home page is the correct way as they all work. In the meantime I'll have to give Google a chance to catch up and see if the change is reflected in webmaster tools, but it seems to take some time for that to happen.
  18. Hi, we use various tools to optimise for search engine placement, in the last few days Google Webmaster tools is throwing up 100 urls not found warnings for /index.html and says it is apparently linked back from 100 various other pages within our site. I've check my source code to make sure I've not hard coded this in somewhere and I haven't, I've not seen the error before this week and am a little lost as to the cause. Does anyone know if Google has changed anything again recently? Could this be a problem in my Apache re-write mod code or should I be looking at the script which we use to dynamically generate a site map where again there's no reference to a html index file (a 3rd party mod by Robsta) Any help appreciated as we never use to have this error
  19. As the PayPal Pro gateway is a module for Cubecart is it possible to replace the module in an earlier version of Cubecart with the latest module for 4.3.7 which includes Cardinal found here http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=40123 ? or are there other coding compatability issues to address ?
  20. Has anyone intergrated with VSP Server? I'd be especially interested as this seems to offer a solution to create the appearance that the customer remains on your site with i-frame while not requiring me to be pci compliant. Also does anyone have any comments on using the bundled RBS merchant account offer currently available at sign up on Sagepay?
  21. I think we some clarity on exactly which versions of CC4 are affected. The news bulletin does not make it clear if older version 4's have the same vulnerability. The article detailing the issue mentions version 4.3.4 can someone advise if versions prior to 4.3.4 need a patch and how it should be done as clearly the patch released only works for 4.3.4 or above.
  22. Yes, clear. I was just after clarification that the download mentioned was safe to use. Your additional comments and advice noted. Thanks.
  23. I think I've not made myself clear, there is a version of cubecart to download in the customer area called CubeCart-latest.zip stacked one above CubeCart-4-3-4.zip I wanted to know what was in that download. Thanks!
  24. I've been upgrading and upgrade as new versions have been released but my site has a few glitches and doesn't always function exactly as it should. I'm considering deleting all files on the server and doing a clean install of 4.3.4 is this possible or will I run into problems. If it is possible are there certain files I should refrain from deleting or any other factors I should consider first. And yes I have done a full site back-up already. Thanks
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