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  1. The cache problem was odd, yes the files are small, what was happening was the CC was generating cache files for no reason I could fathom.  Daily, a huge amount, after 2 months it quickly approaching my bandwidth allowance on my host. That is why my host informed  me of a problem. I disabled  cache in admin,  logged out, returned and enabled it. Its behaving now? very strange.

  2. Licensing question:

    I have a sandpit store, a development store, a test store (which is a frequently-updated copy of the live store) and the live store.  Can I use the same license code/download key in all of them?

    1. havenswift-hosting


      If they are using the same domain name and the test stores are in maintenance mode, then this is fine and the licence code will work. If your sandpit / test stores are using a different domain (including sub-domain) then it will need manual intervention from us to make the same licence code to work and you can contact us via a support ticket to get this sorted

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  3. Hi there,

    Much interested by your Product Image Rollover. Just wanted to double check that as I am using MagicTool Plus, your plugin is fully compatible and will not interfere with it.

    Many thanks


    1. havenswift-hosting



      Sorry, I had typed out a reply to this straight away yesterday and thought it had posted but see that it isnt there so have no idea where it went !

      Our plugin isnt integrated with Magic Tool Plus and as we dont have a licence for it, it has never been tested (as far as I am aware anyway) however, my understanding is that MTP works on images on the product page and our plugin works on Latest Product images on the homepage and product images shown on the category listing page so if that is the case there will be no interaction and no problems.  Our plugin does require some small changes to a couple of the skin template files but we could install a 7 day demo for you if you are interested to test it and if any changes are needed to make it work with MTP then we can talk about what work is required



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