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  1. For the love of pete. I finally found the problem.. I must have deleted the gd.class.php file while working on the Recaptcha. Aaaarggg! Thanks for trying to help me.
  2. [20-May-2018 15:25:36 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Class 'GD' not found in /home/smokeymo/public_html/store/classes/filemanager.class.php on line 878
  3. Ok, I uploaded a 28k pic to the images/source folder and when I update the file list, the page refreshes to a blank white page, and I cannot view the image page untill I delete the file. All of my images folders are set to 755. I got a reply from my host wanting to know how I am uploading. Needless to say if I tell them I cannot do it thru ftp and I cannot do it thru Cubecart then they may not be able to help either. The store is keeping up with all the filenames somewhere, any change to the images/source filenames makes the images page blank.
  4. While I wait on them, it is not possible to upload the pics via FTP? I tried, but the store didn't like that at all.
  5. So now I am getting this error for the first time no matter what size the picture is. Is it my host?
  6. I dont get it. My store is V6 and the Kurouto has been updated to work with recaptcha V2.
  7. Got a problem with this recaptcha also. My store is 6.1.1 and I am using Kurouto 1.0.3 skin, and the recaptcha works, even gives me a check like it is all good but I get a error the verification code was incorrect. I went to my recaptcha account and at the top of the page it says; We detected that your site is not verifying reCAPTCHA solutions. This is required for the proper use of reCAPTCHA on your site. Please see our developer site for more information.
  8. Is there not any documentation or instructions on how to set up the promotional codes? I have already wasted enough of my life trying to figure this out. Or do you abandon this feature and use a plugin?
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