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  1. All of my AOL customers notifications is bounced back in CC4.
  2. If you leave this out you will not have a bottom to your box. <div class="boxFootLeft">&nbsp;</div>
  3. You actually have your sub-categories working. I still have the problems with the images overlapping. You did good.
  4. Just make your header logo longer with your store name in it. The images for the sub categories has been a problem for some time.
  5. Maybe try entering 0.00 in the SALE PRICE: window.
  6. Yours may be different than mine since your using a different skin. But I can go to General Settings and down so far the page you can set the thumbnail size.
  7. All of the sudden I am having the same problem. See all that junk in your address bar? Now delete it all but this, http://geeked.co.cc/shop/admin/ and then hit the enter key. Should see your admin panel.
  8. I may have found a solution to my internet exploder not adding to cart issue unless you set the security to "low". Since I have godaddy masking to my host, hostgator I went into the HG control panel and setup a "redirect" so now the cookies is put on with the masked address.
  9. Well apparently this is still a problem today. I have 3.0.2 installed and IE 8 and 6 will not add to the cart. Firefox works great. I did find out that if I go direct to my stores address instead of my masked one http://brrcm.com/store/ that IE works. Is there not somewhere I can change the address so I dont have to take away my masking?
  10. Now that I am getting sales I noticed that the email CC sends to me is using its generated number which is fine. But I wished in there somewhere if showed my product number so I would know quickly what item sold and not have to go digging for it.
  11. Hi Mysty, I may give you a admin pass so you can look over my store if you dont mind. What other forms of shipping do you have activated? Thanks
  12. Depends where you look. Depends on if you get help or not. They never did figure out how to enter your products under 1 pound.
  13. Thanks so much. I would have never looked in the language folder.
  14. Where is the actual "Latest Products" text? I would like to add more text to it. I did find it here in index.php.htm by doing a view page source in Firefox. <div class="boxContent"> <div class="txtContentTitle">Latest Products</div> But......... this file dont exist on the server.
  15. Well after a year and trying the latest CC version I still cannot figure out how to enter the weight into my products that only weigh 2.50 ounces to get first class to not say "Failed to add the package".
  16. Not sure about your version, but In mine you goto the "General Settings" and way down the page you should see "Max Image Size:". I set mine to 640. If your original pictures are larger like 800x600 or 1024x768 then you would put 800 or 1024 in the box. You may have to delete you pics and reload them. I did.
  17. Same issue. Tried both suggestions above and still dont work. Works great if you enter 1.00 in the Product Weight. But it want take anything with a decimal in front of it.
  18. Does not work. Tried that. First Class enabled No matter if you pick "Letter", "Parcel", or "Flat" when you check out you get this "Failed to add the package".
  19. I know there is someone who can explain this. Im using version 3.0.18 and I would think it is as current on shipping modules as it can get. How on earth do you enter ounces in the Product Weight? Oh fudge. you cant link pics here.
  20. Im new to this also. But I will try since I do have some working. Are you logged into your store as a separate person from the admin with a good area code? Does your test product have at least one pound of weight?
  21. Well is there a secret to entering ounces to a product. First class cant be over 13 ozs. so how do I enter it in the product window?
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