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  1. Just checking in - I have made a number of sales since I edited the code but so far have received no copies of the emails that automatically go out to clients? Why might this be?
  2. Thanks , I am not getting a blank page anymore obviously I just had it in the wrong place. I will wait and see what emails I get when my next customer orders!
  3. I chose the first option, it worked a treat! Thankyou :)
  4. Another issue is when i go to 'create an order' and I type the customers name in, the 'search mechanism' will not bring up the customers name. Only 'no results found' . With the order I am speaking of above (customer) I had to manually add the customers details even though they are in the system. With my test order it brought up the test name on my second try but the address was not copied in only the name and i had to manually add in the address.
  5. I just tried this - I added in the following $content = $mailer->loadContent('cart.order_complete', $mailer->ClearBCCs(); $mailer->AddBCC($this->_notifyAdmins()) , $order_summary['lang'], $this->_order_summary); } Then I went in to make a test order to see what emails came through and when clicking on the 'checkout' button OR the 'paypal' button from my cart and I was presented with a blank/whilte page. i knew my cart was working before so I removed the above change and the cart diverts again diverts to payments options or paypal again as it should. Why is the above code causing these problems. What have I got wrong?
  6. I did this, the 'view details' page shows everything in the cart, its just the complete payment page that says 'basket empty' with no payment options displayed. I upgraded from V3 to to current 5.1.4 I have tried this again in the past 24 hours and it is still not working.
  7. Hi everyone, Just found a new problem today. I manually added an order, when logging in through the customers account the order is displayed in the summary with the option to 'pay now cancel order view details' as usual. When click on PayNow it diverts to the basket which shows as empty. Why is this? I tried manually adding another order with the same results. frustrating. I ended up just invoicing her through PayPal! any help appreciated.
  8. Yes I use Firebug but it is saying line 131 for this 'basket summary p view basket' but changes I make there are making no difference...?
  9. - Yes I use the 'order complete' to let the customer know that their order is being shipped with additional information about my information page and facebook page. 'Order Confirmed' is a different email template to the 'order complete' template. So I am not sure where or when 'Order Confirmed' is used.
  10. I have all my emails working now thanks to Al and the upgrade to 5.1.4! My customers are now receiving a order confirmation/information email! I am still not sure about the following two emails templates that are 'cart' email templates - Payment received Order Confirmed When are these used in the checkout/cart process? I notice that in the edit window for each order the drop down box has the following options - Pending Processing Order complete Declined Failed fraud review Cancelled Customers do receive a order complete email when I change their order to 'complete'. Which of the other options are linked to which automatic emails?
  11. Thankyou, that worked great changed all the others as well...except as the 'view basket' as not sure where that one is. I did notice though that some links (buttons) show up the little hand when you mouse over them, but out of the three buttons in the lower cart - 'empty basket' 'update basket' and 'checkout' only the 'empty basket' shows a little hand when mousing over. The search shows only an arrow where the 'view basket' shows a hand .. what controls these?
  12. I just noticed that when mousing over any of the blue buttons in my cart such as 'update' cart or 'buy now' or 'basket' there is no lightening of the button colour or any indicator that the button has been clicked, particularly if a customer is lower on the page and cannot see the cart contents at the top right corner then it is easy to add too many items to the cart thinking an item was not added. Is there a way to highlight the hover (or mouse over)? Thankyou in advance.
  13. It seems to have upgraded...dont know why I got the above message :)
  14. I am receiving this message when I try to upgrade to most recent version, 'Your store is currently using the latest version. Please click force upgrade to restore to the default code for this version.' ??
  15. I have finally found the time to attempt my upgrade....what is or where is bug tracker? Do you mean there is reports in Bug Tracker? Or where do I find these reports?
  16. I am ready to upgrade to fix a range of problems I am having with v5.1.2.2 Just checking that the bugs are ironed out in the latest version and that its safe to upgrade. Also wondering if a file difference report is available for the mican blue skin?
  17. Where can I view the emails that have gone out to my customers (if any?) They do not show up in the sent box of the email i have logged as my admin/contact email. Is there a place within cubecart that stores this information?
  18. Where do I find the File Difference Report? I put in a support ticket and was also told to upgrade.
  19. I hope I dont have to upgrade to fix these issues, way too much down time to repeat customising my store and all the setup. :(
  20. Should I repost my issue or just wait on an answer to this thread? This is not the only issue I am having, I also find it very difficult to edit order inventories (i can sometimes add more items to an order sometimes it does not work) and the facility to delete items off a customers inventory does not work at all (the trash button) and this is causing me a lot of difficulty :(
  21. Resolved! sorry! I neglected to 'check' the 'use stock level' option for each product! all sorted :)
  22. Hi Everyone, I have a number of items out of stock, their stock level is set to 0 I have the 'allow out of stock purchases' set to disabled (red cross) No out of stock message is displayed and customers can still purchase them. I need them to be visable but not purchasable until the stock comes in! please help!
  23. No its an upgrade. Maybe I should just contact cubecart directly...... No its an upgrade. Maybe I should just contact cubecart directly......I am using only paypal express checkout...
  24. Thankyou, I removed the logo completely, as even when I moved the customers and my address it was only showing a partial logo anyway. I edited a few other things and I am now happy with my receipt! Thankyou :)
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