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  1. I've been using the Galaxy x skin for a few years now and it's a great looking skin. I'm trying to replace the images in the slider box. I'm using the cpanel file manager, navigating to: public_html/skins/galaxyx/images/examples folder and uploading the new image files. The new images are showing in the folder but the web site doesn't change, it still keeps the old images. Anyone have an idea of what I'm missing?
  2. Thanks that fixed the problem with the documents. Checking further in this issue I found that under the "store settings" , the offline tab and copyright tabs have a bunch of junk instead the icons in the box. I've tried the CTRL-F5 and a clearing the complete browser cache without success.
  3. After upgrading to v6.011 I can't edit any documents. On the Content tab I see no edit box only the "Edit Document" title and the "Save" and delete document on the page. Both the General and Search Engine tabs seem to be fine.