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  1. Anyway to fix this without doing a clean install please? Has happened on 2 sites. I thought I'd fixed one as I ended up with all the new acp features but then got locked out on login by CSRF warning. Eventually did a clean install to fix. Email also broken as per screenshot. Thanks
  2. I've resolved the bulk of the issues by doing a clean install in a sub-folder using the same database & then replacing the broken install with it & updating the paths. A few issues remain but I'll start new posts for those
  3. I'm successfully created a working 6.2.0 install in a sub folder & got it configured with extensions I use & images etc. (couldn't get Braintree working tho but least of my problems) Is there a way to get rid of the CSRF issue on the store or would I be able to successfully overwrite it with the newly created, working copy?
  4. Switch on this morning - log in & get CSRF warning & locked out.
  5. fresh files uploaded & upgrade ran. Installer message that store is already upgraded - fair enough. I had to rename admin folder to admin_**** to get back in. Delete setup folder. The Status column is now color-coded in Admin, Orders so ACP looks as it should Email & Guest checkout still not working. Any changes to settings don't work - just get taken back to dashboard with CSRF warning. Time for bed
  6. really in trouble now. any changes to email setting took me back to the dashboard with a CSRF warning. I logged out & now I can't log in due to a CSRF warning. I undid all the things I did in post above & still can't log in. I read the related CSRF file & am guessing it's something about a token?
  7. ok - making progress. I could see 2 admin folders - admin & admin_***** (masked). I renamed admin_**** to admin_****_old. My ACP was then blank so I knew this was the one in use. The files in admin dates to the upgrade yesterday but in admin_*** they were older. I backed up contents of admin_**** & copied contents of admin into it. I now have the clear cache button, Imported and Dbl Opt-In columns in Admin, Mailing List & a new Invoice Editor tab in Admin, Documents The Status column is not color-coded in Admin, Orders Email still doesn't work - but error is now due to authentication so working on that Guest checkout to be tested. Braintree to be retried
  8. It gets better! Guest checkout takes you to paypal. Log in etc & returned to store to complete but 'Make Payment' button is missing & address isn't populated. Doing it manually doesn't make button appear.
  9. Questions 1-3 - No Overview - 6.2.0 Upgrade didn't fail & as usual I was presented with an updated link to the ACP It's turned into a bit of a disaster. I also installed the Braintree paypal module & did a test purchase no problem - but that was before I cleared the cache so I'm guessing it was still using the old Payments Pro. I came home to a stack of pending orders where payment hadn't been made & the checkout not working. I have reverted to Payments Pro & cleared cache & it's fine again so Braintree is a bust. Contact form also not working & test fails despite working before & no changes being made.
  10. Aye - I've cleared all the caches. Right site - nothing there. At least there's other ways to clear cache if needed.
  11. Aye, it's the same. Could you screen shot the button please just in case I'm being dumb & blind! <li id="clear_cache_master"{if $CLEAR_CACHE} class="clear"{/if}><a href="{$SKIN_VARS.clear_cache_link}">{$LANG.maintain.cache_clear}</a></li> <li id="help_menu"><i class="fa fa-life-ring" aria-hidden="true"></i> <a href="#">{$LANG.common.help}</a>
  12. Apologies for an error on my part. It's 6.2.0 I'm running not the b1. I got caught out by that being top of the version list in maintenance/upgrade in the ACP. Admin.js contains the code you show.
  13. Do I run the install again? I've updated 2 stores to CC620B1 tonight & can't see that button in either.
  14. Many thanks. Clearing the cache under maintenance fixed it. I'm not seeing a 'Clear Cache' button other than in that section though
  15. I've amended a couple of typos (missing spaces) & added a paragraph of text to the document that is our home page. The changes stick when saved & viewed in the admin panel but won't display changes on live site. I have Ctrl+F5'd, tried different browsers & devices all show old version. Any ideas please?
  16. I just had to upload & install the latest skin. I'd thought it was part of the main upgrade package. Fixed it for me. Belated thanks to Al & all
  17. Ok. Thanks - will look at that. I thought it was all part of the upgrade. Every day's a school day!
  18. It doesn't show on Kurouto. Only the phrase Verify you are a human appears. If I select another skin if appears. This is on 2 separate shops.
  19. https://fettlebox.co.uk/ Using Kurouto. Many thanks. I'll be offline now until Sunday so hopefully it's still usable. I quickly checked another skin & the new recaptcha appeared. I've put it back as the site looks wrong otherwise. I'll check back asap Keat - apologies. switched recaptcha off for the weekend so don't loose sales. Will revisit when back online
  20. Thanks I've entered the keys & selected it use the new version & the recapture has disappeared although the phrase 'Verify you are a human' is still there. Google instructions state I need to update html template. Is that right?
  21. Aye - it's only 1's & 0's after all. How hard can it be?
  22. I think this has only happened since I upgraded to 6.1.14. Should recaptcha look like this? It does on the 2 stores I have upgraded. I've had a couple of orders since upgrade but volume of orders is down. Thanks in advance
  23. Thanks. Would there be a way to do it via mysql?
  24. Hi - can anyone help with a query so I can tell how many of a single item have been sold between specific dates using the Query MySQL Database feature? Many thanks.
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