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  1. belay - that. I don't have Payments Pro! I had mistaken having a business account & being able to take credit cards as being the same thing. I never noticed the 'checkout as a guest' on the paypal page until I enabled Payments Pro on CC. That reinforced my misconception! I will be signing up tomorrow & also getting Virtual Terminal
  2. Interesting. I switched off the gateway & the the checkout is neater & more streamlined with card details entered on a page within the shops checkout rather than on Paypals site. However on submission it errors with message that merchant can't process transactions. My account can take cards so what's wrong here?
  3. Thanks - glad to hear having both ticked is ok. I was curious about that He's now got the order to the 'Pending' stage somehow so can see it on the dashboard but is adamant that because his email is the same as that in the paypal account he hasn't used for 13 years that Paypal are insisting he logs in & uses Paypal to check out. He is having Paypal delete the account today. I'm not sure that's the issue but we'll see.
  4. Both. Is that wrong? I think it's been like that since I went for the credit card option via paypal. I's worked in my own tests & I've had ordrs from customers who only use cards. This customer reckons paypal is insisting he logs in because he has an old account on the same email. That's odd as my test worked & I used an email connected to my paypal account. I can't ring him after all - only has cell & I can only ring international landlines free.
  5. He's had multiple attempts overnight & the order is now pending. I'm going to phone him & talk him through it. If it is failing be good to see where, I think this is human error. There is no instance of 'invoice' in any of his attempt logs.
  6. I don't see cart_order_id on the log page for any order - even the successful ones. He has tried again after I screenshot the checkout steps to him but still failed. I know his first attempt was user error as he filled in login details & doesn't have a paypal account. I can check out using card no problem so I think I have it set up right. One thing I failed to screenshot for him was hitting the final submit order button when he gets taken back to the cart after entering his card details. Until that stage my test purchase log entry was the same as his. Once I did the final submit the word verified comes up (with other info) in an new log entry. I'm pretty sure that's where he's going wrong. I nearly made same mistake thinking I was merely being taken back to an order confirmation rather than another step. May explain the few times I've been told check-out by card hasn't worked by other users. Could do with bigger, more obvious prompt on that final screen & the 'Make Payment' button being closer to the 'Please click "Make Payment" to complete your order.' message Cheers
  7. I just listed an item especially for a customer. They don't have paypal so were going to use paypal as a guest & pay with their card. They have told me they've bought the item. It is now zero stock. They are now showing as an unregistered customer. No money has come through Paypal. No order is showing for them - either pending or processing. They have zero orders in the customer list. What's happened? Thanks
  8. Once again your advice has sorted the issue. Many thanks. Just changed the setting & done a test & it works as I need.
  9. Thanks - what is debug-verbose? I have debugging enabled as standard in advanced setting (don't what it does) . I have set it up the new zone specific to that postcode & done a test. It works but user now gets choice of general UK rate or the rate for that postcode. I really need it to just be the rate for that new zone.
  10. I want to charge a specific UK postcode it's own unique shipping rate eg SL3 0NS Is this possible? I can't quite grasp all the options. I don't want the rates to apply to all postcodes in SL3 - just SL3 0NS specifically. Thanks
  11. Despite the change made above I caught a similar issue again as per screenshot. The item for £0.70 was not charged. It was the last one in stock if that is of any significance.
  12. Thanks - I've made that change. As mentioned in that github thread I've also had orders at 'pending' when payment has in fact been made.
  13. Fortunately I had comms with buyer before & after order & they told me what they ordered. Not sure if they added a few extra things to cart then changed their minds & removed them but the order shows 3 items but the amount is only for one item plus postage. What's happened here? Not seen this before.
  14. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. I have upgraded it & it works properly. Were things like this built into older versions of CC? I'll go through the rest shortly.
  15. 1.0.1 I guess I need to look into how to upgrade the individual bits!
  16. I can add a new shipping rate but can not edit or delete existing ones. None of the buttons actually do anything.
  17. Thanks everyone! Hopefully sorted now. Always busy but will find time to keep up with the upgrades going forward.
  18. I changed the password the same day I was hacked - on Friday. The password is auto-generated & random. There is no further access logged outside of my own IP. The only back doors I have any knowledge of are on houses! How much does it cost to have the structure checked? If this is possible please PM me! Thanks
  19. Nothing. I put it down to my me but couldn't figure out how. I have a similar scenario to the link post - from the logs I have no added hooks but these snippets. Not an area of the site I've been in before. Got the google one as posted in the linked post. Do I delete these? There are in includes/extra but the 2 smaller ones seems to have been created after I beefed up the password & upgraded. Part of the new CC? I have found the parasites php files but can't figure out where it's inmages are stored. /images/images/jiaju57.php?/imagegen.ashx?class=default&width=960&image=/media/264643/woman-drinking-coffee-in-bed-1920x800.png
  20. Thanks. I had to recover my password last week. I also upgraded to latest version on Saturday.
  21. Looks like I was hacked. I have a parasite shopinside my store. http://fettlebox.co.uk/images/images/jiaju57.php?/ What should I do? Clear out & reinstall?
  22. My bad - I was looking at the maintenence/upgrade page on my site & 6.0.9 is the last on the list. It is 6.0.11. Many thanks for the info. I'll sit tight to the next version
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