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  1. Aye - the filter on the store for high-low price etc does nothing. Admin panel seems fine.
  2. As the techs seem to have done a clean install to fix my upgrade issue I had another bash at the main.php. Think I got it right this time. I put the gradient image in the header block back to original. Strange thing is the main skin is now calling the mobile image & the mobile skin the main image. The main skin had my small logo repeated all over the header block. I've deleted, reloaded, cleared the caches via admin panel & browser to no avail. Deleting via admin panel didn't clear the images anyway - still there when checked via ftp. In the end I had to rename the files via ftp - ie the main logo is renamed as the mobile & visa versa. I'm pleased to have it working but strange way to do it! Anyone else seeing this on 5.1.3?
  3. Fixed - the seo friendly urls for my categories didn't seem to like the '&' character. Removing the seo url & letting it regenerate has fixed the issue. Thanks to cubecart support. Will be reporting as a bug.
  4. Only does it if you add to basket from category index view. ie if you go into product detail & add from there it is ok
  5. To a point. I'm no good at creating queries but I know how to run them. Fault occurs in 2 categories link link I've reopened the shop despite the problem
  6. The other strange thing is my admin panels is telling me I'm running 5.1.1 & that I should upgrade. If I do the install again it tells me I'm already upgraded - Your store has already been upgraded. No further action is required. Maintenance/upgrade then tells me I'm on 5.1.3 . I restore from backup again & it tells me I'm on 5.1.1 & I should upgrade - do an upgrade again & it tells I'm already upgraded! Restoring my files & db doesn't seem to be restoring everything it should. If it was the fault would have disappeared & it would let me re-upgrade. I did see the product images the 2nd time. Must have been a cache thing. Aye - I did that. Hitting the sack now. Logged a ticket over an hour ago & no email to confirm they got it & no activation email for my registration on the support site either.
  7. It was only main.php I'd edited in the templates folder & cubecart.class.php & I restored to the old versions (I never over overwrite - just rename by adding _old). I also tried a different skin & I get the same issue manifested differently. Plus this was working fine before so why has restoring from backup to 5.1.1 not fixed it?
  8. Did the upgrade tonight & on certain categories adding an item to the cart made a duplicate of the home page appear where the cart is shown in top right corner. I restored the site from the backups to 5.1.1 & it's still doing the same thing. Anyone seen this? See screenshot below. I've had to close the store & submitted a ticket. Before I rolled back I checked my product list - I didn't see a thumbnail image against the products there. I thought that was a new feature?
  9. As paypal are handling payments it seem it's also recommended to protect login details - the risk being someone uses the same details on multiple accounts such as banking etc so if the user/pass are captured a hacker could use them on the users other accounts.
  10. Is one needed if Paypal is the only payment method?
  11. On checkout the total of goods less coupon discount plus shipping is correct but the shipping in the drop down is showing with the decimal in the wrong place. I checked it out & I had the weight to cost ratio showing the cost as .97 instead of 0.97. Changing to 0.97 fixed the issue. Given that it was still adding it up as if it was .97 should I report this as a bug?
  12. It's the smaller version of my background image.
  13. It uses the site logo - which is actually a lot smaller than the one I have showing which is actually a background image.
  14. Thanks! I struggled to get the letters to stand out any more but overall I'm pleased given the short period from your fix to opening the shop that I had to come up with something - just some old but relevant papers & stock arranged on a table & a digi compact on a tripod. Maybe when things settle down I'll take another look at it - busy making sure everything going smoothly at the moment! I'm really enjoying using this product after a few false starts with other software & the support here has been excellent - thankyou
  15. I see - I'll take a look at that at the weekend. I guess if I get that fettled there will be another way to skin the mobile logo cat? Fettle - old English.
  16. I didn't clear the cache. Is that in the admin panel? I'll take a look at that tomorrow as our broadbands gone down & the mobile signal on the netbook here is poor so struggling to do anything at the mo. It may be better as it is with the issue around the mobile skin logo. Site now live at www.fettlebox.co.uk Thanks
  17. Mobile skin - the 1000x155 logo that doesn't show up on the full size site does show up in the mobile site. Not ideal for the mobile users. However because the logo is failing to show in the regular full size site (I have it set as the background as a workaround) I've just resized it to 243 pixels wide & reloaded it. So now I have a small logo which shows on mobile & full size on desktop. Result!
  18. Mobile skin? Never gave it a thought! Will check it now. Shop will be open within the next hour at www.fettlebox.co.uk The 'closed' page features my awful logo that I've been able to replace with the wider graphic
  19. I deleted the current logo & uploaded my new 1000x155 graphic. If I did the above correctly it made the left side of the paragraph block clickable with the home page as the target but my graphic didn't show. I've got around that my uploading my logo as the new header_background_gradient png. Seems to have achieved the same affect. I had to make the image 157 deep as I got a small line of repeat at the bottom. It looks much better as I'd struggled to create a logo with the size restraints I had before it started pushing the header layout about. Really pleased with it now & will be opening shortly! Many thanks for your time in helping me achieve the look I wanted. It is much appreciated.
  20. Not for a numpty like me! I'd love a logo to go all the way across like the site in the OP! I'm using Kurouto. Is there any simple instructions on how to do this please?
  21. Gotcha! That's done the trick. Apologies - read it completely wrong. Many thanks. I think that should be incorporated into the next version as well as notification in email to recipient
  22. I'd be interested in knowing how to add an added currency so that it updates via fetch. I have the same issue with TWN, the Taiwan $.
  23. If I've removed the right ) this is what I have now.This give me a blank page (admin panel still accessible) http://www.fettlebox.co.uk/ // Validate email if email delivery if (strtolower($_POST['gc']['method']) == 'e' && !filter_var($_POST['gc']['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setError($GLOBALS['language']->catalogue['error_gc_email']); $error = true; } if (!$error) { $GLOBALS['cart']->add($gc['product_code'], $_POST['gc']); } else { $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('POST', $_POST['gc']); } } $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('LANG_CERT_VALUES', sprintf($GLOBALS['language']->catalogue['gift_certificate_value'], $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($gc['min'], true, true), $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($gc['max'], true, true, $gc['expires'])); $ctrl_allow_purchase = ($GLOBALS['session']->get('hide_prices')) ? false : true; $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('ctrl_allow_purchase', $ctrl_allow_purchase); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('GC', $gc); $content = $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch('templates/content.certificates.php'); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('SECTION_NAME', 'giftcertificate'); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('PAGE_CONTENT', $content);
  24. With pleasure. Will likely be a few days as I'm focusing on getting ready for our opening on Wednesday.
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