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  1. Yes I see what you are saying now. I think I probably initiated both functionalities at the same time after I upgraded and have confused them as one. You are right this is infact not related to the 'All in One Shipping Module' but very much the 'Options Matrix' thanks for the clarity. Can anyone assist with the 'Options Matrix' in this case? Many thanks
  2. I guess so. I had seen them as one and the same thing as I hadn't had access to the 'Options matrix' prior to upgrading to V5.2.2 and implementing the 'All in Shipping Module'. Thanks
  3. This is a good point and I had considered this earlier. I have already unchecked the 'Use Stock Level' in 'General' but this did not resolve the issue. Thanks The only way an item will go out of stock is if I manually switch it off under 'Options' 'Product Options' uncheck the variant. This is fine but I need this to happen automatically rather than manually unchecking the variant each time the stock level reaches zero.
  4. Hi thanks for responding. Yes using it for products. Clothing in this instance. I have size and colour variations which all need separate stock levels. Many thanks
  5. Hello fellow Cubecarters, I am having difficulty with the new all in one shipping matrix. It's a welcome addition to 5.2.2 but I have found that when an item has sold out my shopping cart still processes that item as though it was still available and in stock. Looking at the backend of the site I see that an item is clearly marked '0' in the 'stock level' field but the item continues to be available on the product description page and indeed can be added to the cart and purchased. Basically this leads to sales of stock that I don't have which is very bad. Looking at Cubecart 'store settings' under the 'stock' tab I have unchecked 'Allow out-of-stock purchases' so I know that this is not causing the issue. Can anyone assist with this (Bsmither?) Has anyone else experienced this? Many thanks in advance
  6. Hey Bsmither thanks for responding, I am referring to the address displayed in the address field at the top of the browser window. I have emptied the cache both via the back end of the store and browser, cookies and cache on my local computer. The URL address has returned to normal so I am guessing this is a localised problem with the computer I am accesing my site from. Essentially problem solved I think. I will update if I experince any further issues. Many thanks
  7. Hi, I have been getting an error with my URL description which appears to be isolated to category pages and product pages. Instead of seeing www.mydomainname.co.uk/product.html in my browser I am getting www. The page loads the correct content but displays an incorrect URL. This does not affect the home page. I've contacted my host provider and they advise that this is not an error with the server. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi there, Is there an overview of the All in one Shipping Module facility. It looks great but I cant find the support documentation for setting it up and undersatanding how it works. Anyone? I'm running 5.2.2 Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi thought it may benefit other users to close this thread with the results of my Ticket submission to support. The reason for orders not showing after upgrade was that for some reason, the /includes/functions.inc.php file was set to Read-Only so it wasn't being overwritten with the updated version. Support have resolved this issue on my behalf. Thank you Bsmither for your perseverance.
  10. Hi, yes it does exist I just went in and checked. I also went into the data base with php my admin just to be have a quick look to see if I could spot any weirdness. The order summaries are all in the data base, everything looks ok. When I click to view orders in dashboard the order ID that is called is correct from what I can see in the address bar. Im lost! Is it worth doing a force upgrade or would this just complicate things further? I have a feeling that the upgrade just hasnt executed properly.
  11. Thanks for your help Bsmither. Can you offer any more guidance on this or should i be submitting a ticket to CC support at this stage? Many thanks in advance
  12. Looking at my cpanel I cant see any PHP error logs. I only have a "File does not exist" error for the /includes/lib/OFC/open-flash-chart.swf I think this is related to the sales statistics chart that loads "now and then" when I log into admin.
  13. Correct the debug info is coming from the the main dashboard page only. I am not able to view anything but a completly blank page when viewing an order, including any debug information. So yes Completely blank -- Nothing at all. If I view the page in Firebug the only thing present is: <html> <head> </head> <body> </body> </html>
  14. Made the change but no change, getting a blank page. Just to be sure I have dropped your line of code in the correct position: public function pagination($total_results = false, $per_page = 10, $page = 1, $show = 5, $var_name = 'page', $anchor = false, $glue = ' ', $view_all = true) { if (!$total_results && !is_null($this->_found_rows) && is_numeric($this->_found_rows)) { $total_results = $this->_found_rows; } if(empty($per_page)) {print_r($per_page); echo debug_backtrace();} $glue = (!$glue) ? ' ' : $glue; // Lets do some maths... $total_pages = ceil($total_results/$per_page);
  15. I complety cleared cache and cookies in my browser logged out and back into dashboard with the debugger enabled. This is what I see. It may or may not be related? PHP: [Warning] /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_resource.php:720 - filemtime() [function.filemtime.php]: stat failed for /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/cache/skin/be09137903e5af76989160f6d4517f2835707e8a.file.element.paginate.php.php [Warning] /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_resource.php:720 - filemtime() [function.filemtime.php]: stat failed for /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/cache/skin/18aa8357355cd08c94a5f39d96594e953efd01ed.file.dashboard.index.php.php [Warning] /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_resource.php:720 - filemtime() [function.filemtime.php]: stat failed for /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/cache/skin/c6df2c4fb8cd1d5ad80156d9ec14f83264b71885.file.main.php.php Thanks
  16. Thanks for responding. Cache's emptied and Stock Warnings Per Page set to greater than 1. Still getting served a blank page. I can access the customers details from the "Orders Overview" page but not the order. I am trying to avoid doing a force upgrade if possible. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  17. Thanks for responding, I checked and dont have any errors logged. The only debug error i can find is this: PHP: [Warning] /home/yfgtredyu/public_html/classes/db/database.class.php:367 - Division by zero Means nothing to me so im not sure that its related or relevant?
  18. Hi, I have just upgraded via the dashboard to V5.2.2. During the upgrade the screen just went blank and froze. I was kinda expecting it not to run smoothly so I left it be for a couple of hours and returned. Checked the store front there were a couple of issues so I run the setup via my browser and the problems were resolved. The site now seems to be upgraded and functioning as I would expect. Logged into admin which appears to be ok. The only thing that I cant do is see my orders... When I am in the "Order Overview" page I see the listed orders past and present status, totals everything looks good but when I click on any given order I am just given a blank page. Needless to say I cant fulfil my orders without knowing what they are. Bsmither can you help? Can anyone help? I need a swift solution if possible Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks Dirty Butter, I'm now looking into doing this upgrade via FTP. Your comments are helpful. I've also reffered to the following post which I think pretty much covers the process http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/47294-how-to-do-manual-upgrade/ I'm sure this is pretty fundamental stuff but this bit I am still not clear on. If I extract all the files from within the 5.2.2 container folder and upload to the server there are going to be files and folders that overwrite my existing files and folders with the same names. Is this not going to wipe out my existing images, additional moduals that type of thing? How do I manage this aspect of the upgrade when doing things this way? Appreciate your thoughts
  20. Great Tim thanks. Can you just elaborate on point 3 please? (3 - FTP'd the unzipped 5.2.2 downloaded files to public_html on the server) I need a bit of clarification on this point. Do I take all of the files out if the 5.2.2 folder and then put them on public_html or just the 5.2.2 folder that pops out of the zip file by its self so to speak. Also if I extract all the files from within the container folder and upload to public_html there are going to be files and folders that overwrite my existing files and folders with the same names. Is this not going to wipe out my existing images, additional moduals that type of thing? How would I manage this aspect of the upgrade when doing things this way? Appreciate your thoughts.
  21. Hi fellow Cubecarters, So I am faced with upgrading from 5.1.1 to 5.2.2. It's my first upgrade and I get the impression from various posts on the forum that upgrading via the dashboard is pretty pointless? Is there perhaps a difference report for what I need so that I can swap out the files manually? Many thanks in advance.
  22. Ben224


    I have the same issue. The loading is never ending in Firefox and the progress box in the bottom left corner of the browser says transferring data from Olark. This only happens when on the Product Detail page other areas are not affected. Can anybody throw any light on this?
  23. Hi thanks for resolving this. In answer to your second post I hadn't been getting any message at all when I clicked to save. I will replace the files. I had considered an upgrade to the latest CC after the holiday season. I think CC511 is a fairly stable version, at least I have managed with it so far. I wonder if you had any views on the stability of CC515? I guess I'm still a little concerned I may be opening a whole new can of worms by upgrading. Thanks again.
  24. Hi there, Thanks for looking at this. I read your post from the above link. My issue is that CC is not modifying the prices in any way at all and any changes I make to price be it percentage or other are simply being ignored. Appreciate your thoughts.
  25. Implemented the changes. Works perfectly! Thank you.
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