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  1. Hi Brian,

    Where would a link that points to the manufacturer's website be shown? An additional link below the child category's name? Co-opt the link being used by the child category's image? (Which this latter choice seems to be what you want.)  YES this seems to work for me as it will tell the user whether the category is linked to a web site or not, it could also be that when the logo is clicked it will go to the link site if there is one and in this case no additional link description would be required, either way works for me.

    The client is aware that each manufacturer could have a website but is not necessary

    All of the other categories will be individual and are not expected to have any website links

    With respect to "when the user exits out of the brands website it will go back to his website", that's how browsers usually work - a link calls open a new tab, and when that new tab is closed, the browser returns to showing the calling window/tab.

    Understand that when a user clicks on the website it will revert back to the calling website that's great there is no other requirement

    It all sounds good how do we achieve this


    Best Regards,



  2. Hi Brian,

    In the standard cubecart when you setup a manufacturer you can input that manufacturers website address would it be possible to associate this URL address with the image that is used in the setup of the sub category which would be the manufacturer under the category of 'Shop by Brand' Then when the user selects a logo of the brand it will use the URL address and load the manufacturers website which when exited goes back to the main website.

    I have tried the 'Enhanced manufacturers' extension and have found that it doesn't work and the author will not reply to my emails when I show them that it isn't doing what they say it is doing so not going to use that.

    I have attached some screen shots to try and show what I'm trying to achieve hope this helps.


    SHOP BY BRANDS -logos.png

    Admin Control Panel manufactures.png

    Admin Control Panel subcatergories.png

    Admin Control Panel parent category setup.png

  3. Hi All,

    I have a client that is using a derivative of the foundation template and has within his menu items a 'Shop by Brand' and what he wants to happen is when all the brands with their images is displayed after selecting 'Shop by Brands" menu item is selected then the user can select a brand, when this is done then the selected Brands web page is displayed, what he also wants to see happening is when the user exits out of the brands website it will go back to his website.

    I think I have seen this somewhere in cubecart but for the life of me I cannot get the standard package of cubecart  ver 6.4.10 to do this. Obvious question is cubecart capalbe of doing this and I have just missed something in the setup or am I kidding myself and will need modifications to achieve this.

    Any advice or pointing in the right direction will be appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  4. Hi Brian,

    Sorry for the delay in responding but I haven't been to well.

    What I have done though is I imported the database and then installed the new version of software and surprise surprise it all seems to be working OK now. What I haven't done yet is the modifications that the prospect client would like to see. These modifications have been done before so ideally there should be no issues.

    Thanks again for your invaluable help it is always appreciated.

    Best Regrads


  5. Hi All,

    I'm in the process of creating a localhost of the latest version of cubecart so that I can demonstrate it to a perspective client.The steps I have taken are firstly get a copy of the database from another site that is working perfectly although this site is not using the latest version but is working perfectly, then I  installed the latest version of cubecart and go through all of the setup processes all OK to the point of using the provided admin login and this works fine using the new databases name which at this stage only has the setup products, categories etc. and this all works fine using the username and password. I then import the previously copied database and now when I try to login on the admin page using the same usernames and password which previously worked I now get an username/password error.

    Has there been a change that is causing the username/password not to be recognised.

    What I'm thinking is that the copied database is either not compatible with the latest version or there is a new username password table that is not in the previous database.

    Hopefully somebody can shed some light on my issue and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  6. Hi All,

    I have been wondering is there a payment gateway out there that will allow customers to use the zip payment method, for that matter is there also an afterpay gateway that can be used. Any help and/or information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,


  7. Hi All,

    Is it possible to add an video image link into the images for a product as I have a need for the ability to display what the product can do as well as what it looks like. So the product would have a major image and the ability to have as a secondary option that will be a link to something like YouTube or similar video player, also once the video has finished playing the user can go back to my original web page and not stay in the video player. I know that the link could be put into the products description but unfortunately this is not feasible.

    Hope somebody has seen this before and would appreciate any help.

    Best Regards,


  8. Hi All,

    I have been searching the forums without any success for a report that will print all the price changes by product. I think the best way would be for when the prices are being changed then an audit report is produced when completed. Can anybody tell me whether there is a extension or plugin that does this already.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  9. Hi All,

    I have checked the 'hide prices' and the "disable checkout" and have a store that shows product but no prices which is what I want for an unregistered customer however if that customer registers then the best sellers still do not show the prices it shows $x.xx all other prices are shown correctly. What I would like to see is the best seller prices shown as well as the other products prices as normal only when the customer is registered and login customer. If somebody could point in the right direction as to what changes I need to do it would be very appreciated or if there is a plugin or extension that does this

    Best Regards,


  10. Hi All,

            Is there a way to modify the customer table to have a column that just simply is either ticked or not ticked when the customer tries to register. This ticked column would indicate approval and would be tested at login stage. If at login the approval column was ticked then it would require to be approved by the administrator, if it has been approved then this approval column would be reset to unticked and the new approved customer could login and place an order. When the potential customer fills out the registration form as standard then the approval column would be set to a tick requiring approval, if the unapproved customer tries to login then a message would display stating that shop will be displayed with no prices and approval is required no orders will be taken.

    The administrator would have to have a email sent to them via the registration process alerting them to the need to use the customer listing selection in the admin section to approve the new customer, this would show up on the customer list display as approved or unapproved. Maybe an email could be sent to the new customer when they had been approved and therefore could make purchases through the store.

    I guess what I'm inquiring about, is that is this a feasible solution to having approved customers only ordering from the store but not restricting unregistered customers from browsing the store.

    Any other suggestions would be helpful and also where would have to change the code to get something like this to work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  11. Hi There,

    Unfortunately this is not so much of an issue its rather a need by the client. I'm still searching for a solution and at this point it is fast looking like that I might have to code it myself which could be interesting as I do not know that much about PHP, SMARTY or html, we will have to wait as see.

    Best Regards,


  12. Hi Brian,

           Thankyou so much for your patience and help unfortunately I have run out of testing time using the trial version and also this plugin seems to be too unstable for me to recommend it to my clients. Unfortunately this is going to be a complete deal breaker for  3 to 4 of my potential cubecart clients. One thing I did think of was is there a way that we can make an extra advance search selection in the foundation skin that possibly displays under the advanced search selection that will only select a manufacturer for an entered key phase just a thought.

    Thanks again and your support is greatly appreciated,

    Best Regards,


  13. Hi All,

            I have a client that would like all of his customers to have to submit a application for registration which would need to be approved by the admin of this site. The approval would reply with a login (could be email address) and password and this would then be used to login. Login would be required before any purchasing could be done. Does anybody know whether there is and extension or plugin that would accomplish this.

    Any Help would be very much appreciated

    Best Regards,


  14. Hi Brian,

    Sorry about the delayed response, I have been doing a little of investigation of my own and have come up with some issues which I think are causing the problem of no products being displayed when a manufacturer is selected from the drop down list.

    So What I did was completely reinstall the extension and configured it on a totally different PC and surprises surprise it worked as it should so I then compared the settings from this PC to the other PC and found there was no difference. As you can imagine this has become quite frustrating and time consuming, I then by chance decided to search the products in admin using a filter and when the drop down filter was displayed I noticed that there are multiple Manufacturer entries, so I selected the first one and found it displayed no products so I then selected the next entry for the same manufacturer and found no products I then selected the last entry for the same manufacturer a guess what I got all of the products. So my next action was to delete the manufacturer and then I went back into the products selection in the admin and did the same filter and the top manufacturer was deleted but the other duplicates were still there and they don't show up in the manufactures selection in admin. Is they a way of getting rid of these duplicates so that I can start from the beginning. It seems that all of the testing I have been doing hasn't deleted the Manufacturers when I was testing the application.

    Hope you can help

    Best Regards,


  15. Hi Brian,

             There's no mention of it being locked to a particular domain name or that cannot work with a localhost The module is still in its free 7 day trial but it will end in about another 48hrs that why I'm a little concerned obviously I don't want waste my money unless I can see that is going to do first what is suppose to do and also whether that suit my clients need.

    Thanks so much for your help it is always appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  16. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for responding, I have switched on the debugging and tried running it all again. On examination of the log there seems to be some errors with reference to the Enhanced manufacturing. I have attached a screen shot what do you think.

    when I was installing ioncube I had some issues as well but I thought they had been corrected by the ioncube support but maybe they haven't.

    Would it be worthwhile re installing the ioncube application

    best regards,


    Admin Control Panel - localhost.pdf

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