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  1. I need to add extra product pages somehow so I can embed the VIMEO video.
  2. Is this possible? The payment will be made to Vimeo, not us. Not entirely sure how to set this up. https://vimeo.com/creatorservices/ondemand
  3. I've looked at the main.php template and i don't see anything that resembles the above.
  4. Thanks Ian - how do I add another link to the far left which will take you to the WP homepage?
  5. Thanks for your help. If I upgrade the store will I lose the changed code? I was kind of hoping there was an easier way without having to change the templates.
  6. Is it possible to change the "homepage" link to "Store Homepage" and add another "homepage" link that takes users back to the Wordpress front end? http://www.academytextiles.com Thanks,
  7. Is it possible to encourage users to register and get thus a 10% discount on all purchases?
  8. What exactly are these settings for?
  9. I think this would be a very useful addition to the next upgrade.
  10. You can list them but not in order of if they are there or not :-(
  11. This would make adding missing product images to the store a lot easier.
  12. I believe you're right - I'm linking up all the newly added images manually.
  13. We have a link to a section called "Last Chance" - currently these are items with very low stock which won't be re-stocked. Is there a way of highlighting certain low stock items so we no longer need to move them to this category?
  14. As I said, I've used the update file list and they still don't seem to be displaying. Or do I have to go into each product and manually add them, even though all the previous images I uploaded have linked up with no problem on import of the product .csv file?
  15. I've just uploaded a load more images and again they're not appearing, I'm just getting default "No Image" place holders - even after refreshing the CC image cache. Any suggestions? Or does it take some time for the system to do the caching?
  16. I've just deleted our old stock inventory and imported a new comma separated database. When I browse the various sections I'm getting this message: and on some individual products: I'm not sure why I'm getting this as there are no duplicate product titles. Any suggestions?
  17. We've decided to remove all mods from the store which are not written as proper plugins. My next step will be to see which mods we've used, and how they can be replicated via plugins of which there seem to be so few at present. Can you help with the cart problem this person is encountering?
  18. Not sure I understand any of this - what do you suggest I report back to the (so far) lost customer? We have several mods in place so an upgrade will cause havoc with these.
  19. Cubecart 5.2.2 A customer is experiencing this problem - can anybody help?
  20. I'm getting the same error. The following errors were detected: Sorry. CubeCart-5.2.13 .zip was not found. Please try again later. Also getting this error when trying to do a backup: The following errors were detected: Error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open file 'logs/traffic.html/.md5sums' in binary read mode
  21. The url is: .../admin.php?_g=orders
  22. Here's a few around that time: 140629-123644-4214 140628-152406-6357 140628-074920-6044 140628-011655-5250 140628-004511-1351 140627-192113-6063 140627-105418-8239 140626-184016-8750 140626-150814-7519 140626-113814-9699 140625-200901-8399 140626-101417-5206 140625-202558-2984 140625-092519-7339 140625-073926-7985
  23. I'm running Cubecart 5.1.12. I'm running other versions on other sites I maintain. The missing order number is 140626-062813-7241. I'm not sure how the system allocates these numbers , they seem rather random.
  24. Somebody has just emailed to chase an order they placed back in June, but it is not displaying in the admin Orders area, although I do have an email confirming it came in. My only thought is that I may have deleted it by accident as I can't think of why it isn't listed. If I click on the link in the confirmation email it says it is "Pending", yet it isn't listed in the orders list. Strange. Is there any way or adding it back to the system, or retrieving it?
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