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  1. Should the answer to this be listed in CubeCarts FAQ?
  2. I'm using a different background image, but for some reason it's giving me a border. I've not changed any css settings, can anybody help me work out what's going on?
  3. New install here. Can anybody help me to get Royal Mail - Shipping by Weight set up? Postage rates go up next week.
  4. I'm currently using the nota skin until I find something more suited to a cult movie DVD store - any suggestions? 1. How do I make the bounding boxes the same size as the DVD covers? At present they are square. Ideally I'd like to lose them, as per the category page display. 2. How do I display prices for products which run over two lines?
  5. Thanks, have contacted them. I'm trying to login using the details the username/password given to me but the popup window won't log me in and won't go away, eventually I get a small Store Control Panel Login page which doesn't appear to have any formatting. Weird.
  6. I had a new CubeCart installed yesterday by you and the username and password I was assigned won't log me in. Can anybody help?
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