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  1. I've just received an email from Stripe suggesting I "Migrate to the Payment Element". Is this possible with the current plugin?

    Migrate to the Payment Element



    You can start accepting all these payment methods on Stripe using the Payment Element or Checkout. Both options support 20+ payment methods: Simply turn new payment methods on from the Dashboard—no code required—and Stripe will dynamically show the ones most likely to improve conversion.


  2. It now says the database is out of date, but it won't let me continue the upgrade.

    error log:


    File: [seo.class.php] Line: [989] "SELECT C.cat_id, C.cat_name, C.cat_parent_id, S.path FROM `CubeCart_category` as C LEFT JOIN `CubeCart_seo_urls` as S ON S.item_id=C.cat_id WHERE S.type='cat' AND S.redirect='0' ORDER BY C.cat_id DESC " - Unknown column 'S.redirect' in 'where clause'


  3. My current php.ini file links to the ioncube loader.

    How do I add the commands required to disable the dangerous php functions?

    Will this work?

    zend_extension = /htdocs/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_7.2.so

    disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, phpinfo, popen, proc_open


  4. Another Mailing List question.

    What is the best way to prune email addresses? I note that some are linked to customers (with ip addresses), whilst others are not linked to a customer. Is there a best practice to work out the duds?

  5. Trying to import the csv file into Mailchimp, and I'm getting this:


    1 column will be imported. 361 columns will not be imported.


    OK, added carriage returns and it now works.

    Is there an option to export mailing list subscribers who hav epreviously purchased?

  6. Quote

    Errors in hreflang tags

    We found the hreflang tags on your site, but a few of them have technical problems. Take a look at our hreflang report to see which of your hreflang tags have issues. Until you fix these tag errors, your website will not benefit from additional language or region targeting.

    Can anybody help with this? Thanks.

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