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  1. I've just received an email from Stripe suggesting I "Migrate to the Payment Element". Is this possible with the current plugin?

    Migrate to the Payment Element



    You can start accepting all these payment methods on Stripe using the Payment Element or Checkout. Both options support 20+ payment methods: Simply turn new payment methods on from the Dashboard—no code required—and Stripe will dynamically show the ones most likely to improve conversion.


  2. Quote

    Errors in hreflang tags

    We found the hreflang tags on your site, but a few of them have technical problems. Take a look at our hreflang report to see which of your hreflang tags have issues. Until you fix these tag errors, your website will not benefit from additional language or region targeting.

    Can anybody help with this? Thanks.

  3. These are the CC plugins - does this mean these plugins need updating?

    I'm not sure why disqus is loading, as "Enable Product Reviews/Comments" is not switched on.

  4. Site is set up with https. However, when viewing product pages I'm seeing various errors in the browser inspector:




    Blocked loading mixed active content "http://fabpress.disqus.com/embed.js"



    reCAPTCHA couldn't find user-provided function: reCaptchaCallback


    Any suggestions?

  5. OK, I agree, wil change it. I thought the reason for "Hide Title" was for it to actually hide it. It's a pity it still displays as part of the website title, even when supposedly hidden.

    Do I need to manually add META data for every product, or does "Merge Data" automatically use the product details as the META info?

  6. I've created a child theme from Foundation. So far I've changed the background colour.

    Rather then change colourts in foundation.css , can I specify other font colours in cubecart.default.css?

    Can anyone help with how to best change the following text colours:

    Latest Products (on home page)

    Product Title (on product pages)

    Product Description (on product pages)

    Link to site  (for general idea of what I'm doing)



  7. Just one so far. I tested it myself and it all worked fine, not sure why this customer has a problem. When he clicks the email link in the email, he gets directed to the site with the padlock crossed out.


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