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  1. These are the CC plugins - does this mean these plugins need updating?

    I'm not sure why disqus is loading, as "Enable Product Reviews/Comments" is not switched on.

  2. Site is set up with https. However, when viewing product pages I'm seeing various errors in the browser inspector:




    Blocked loading mixed active content "http://fabpress.disqus.com/embed.js"



    reCAPTCHA couldn't find user-provided function: reCaptchaCallback


    Any suggestions?

  3. OK, I agree, wil change it. I thought the reason for "Hide Title" was for it to actually hide it. It's a pity it still displays as part of the website title, even when supposedly hidden.

    Do I need to manually add META data for every product, or does "Merge Data" automatically use the product details as the META info?

  4. I've created a child theme from Foundation. So far I've changed the background colour.

    Rather then change colourts in foundation.css , can I specify other font colours in cubecart.default.css?

    Can anyone help with how to best change the following text colours:

    Latest Products (on home page)

    Product Title (on product pages)

    Product Description (on product pages)

    Link to site  (for general idea of what I'm doing)



  5. Just one so far. I tested it myself and it all worked fine, not sure why this customer has a problem. When he clicks the email link in the email, he gets directed to the site with the padlock crossed out.


  6. Can I change what's in content.product.php to what you have above, or do I need to add the styling to the SHARE code elsewhere?


    <object align="right">
       {if $SHARE}
       {foreach from=$SHARE item=html}


    in element.social.php I see this:


    {if $SOCIAL_LINKS}
    <div class="element-social">
       <ul class="small-block-grid-4 no-bullet nomarg social-icons text-left">
          {foreach from=$SOCIAL_LINKS item=link}
          <li><a href="{$link.url}" title="{$link.name}" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-{$link.icon}"></use></svg></a></li>


  7. I can't get an exact $6 to ship 3 discs. Is there a way to fix this?

    USA, 1 disc      4.00 + 0.00 per item    1 - 1
    USA, 2 discs    4.00 + 0.50 per item    2 - 2    
    USA, 3 discs    4.00 + 0.66 per item    3 - 3
    USA, 4 discs    4.00 + 0.75 per item    4 - 4    
    USA, 5 discs    4.00 + 0.80 per item    5 - 5
  8. I've managed to get it in position - but I need to align it to the centre, or right.

    I tried a <div align=right>, but it had no effect. Any suggestions?


             {foreach from=$PRODUCT_TABS_TITLES item=product_tab_title}
       {if $SHARE}
       {foreach from=$SHARE item=html}


    Success - but using <object align="right">

    sample: http://mondo-macabro.com/blu-ray/symptoms.html

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