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  1. As most of my customers are international, there are extra costs for valuta conversion with PayPal. I usually pay about 5%+0.35 (euro). A lot! I also use Stripe which is a lot cheaper: 3%+0.25 (euro).
  2. We would be very interested in this as well. Right now I have patterns for sale on my own website (CubeCart) and also on Etsy, where we can place video's. Listings with videos sell much better than listings without.
  3. I'm sorry, I had another Stripe payment that didn't log back to CubeCart. It gives a different transaction log than before: Problem is that it doesn't show that something is wrong, but it stayed at 'pending'.
  4. Today I had one order that was paid with Stripe, but no call back and no transaction log whatsoever, so I didn't know it was paid. When I went to check Stripe, it turned out to be paid. This was in the notes: It was paid with iDeal.
  5. I just print out the pages without the 'notes'
  6. It's the same log Claudia started this thread with....
  7. Sorry transaction logs, I didn't read right LOL They all say:
  8. I copied them each... or do you need more than the Stripe Session ID?
  9. I had another one today with no call back. It was paid by Visa and this was in the notes:
  10. And another one I'm afraid tonight is not going too well In the notes: Hope that helps This was a Visa payment Thanks for checking! By the way yesterday I lost part of a sale because payment with Stripe didn't go as should. Someone ordered digital patterns and a bead board that I only had 1 in stock. She put the order through and chose Stripe. She tried to pay twice with Stripe. Didn't work, so I think she went back to the website and then chose PayPal. But by that time, the bead board was removed 'automatically' because it was seen as out of stock (it wasn't, but somehow because of the payment that was unsuccesful it was seen as such). She paid with PayPal, but without the bead board.
  11. I had 1 today with no call back from Stripe. This is the information in the 'notes': It was again an iDeal payment. Other Stripe payments before and after this one went fine.
  12. We're in France (but sell a lot to the US ). Not sure if we can find any common ground between our cases...?
  13. You don't "accept" iDeal or Bancontact? Were the ones you had trouble with all Visa or also Mastercard? I've never had any issues with Mastercard payments through Stripe. It's probably just a coincidence, but I had about 25 of these cases where the callback didn't happen and all but 2 were iDeal or Bancontact.
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