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  1. I installed latest cubecart, and i have one error in the error log. "/public_html/classes/language.class.php:716 - Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated" this is in the line: if ($ext == 'gz' && $xml{0} == 'x' && $xml{1} == "\x9c") { I dont know what to change to make it work anyone can help me? Thx, Mike.
  2. Thx but dont know how to edit mysql can go to phpmyadmin and to cubecart cookie consent but then im lost. Lot more problems says last version cubecart is (upgrade history) 6.2.6 while backup says 6.2.8
  3. Its not even updating here. Uploaded all files with ftp, then in browser to /setup/ and choose upgrade and press continu then nothing happens ???
  4. After updating to the latest version cubecart, in the error log i get two problems now dont know how to solve them. File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [25] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/Amsterdam'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'. File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/Amsterdam'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'.
  5. Found the problem it was Crawlprotect lines in the htaccess. I removed them and CC is running in php7.2 now. Thx for the reactions. Regards, Mike
  6. Thx il try to convince them too look at there end.
  7. The hosting provider says, a path in a file in cubecart must be wrong. Didnt find anything yet dunno wich file so im searching.
  8. I have the same problem but dont know what to do, made the error.log and see lot of problems (not running third party extension). If someone can tel me what to do to repair please. error_log
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