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  1. Ian, Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate it. -DON-
  2. I am using v5 Crosshatch skin. Where would the "new and required captcha template file" be located?
  3. Thanks for the warning. I am pretty knowledgeable with databases and networks in general, but I dare not venture into waters that I don't have an intimate knowledge of. There are some other carts that allow one to start/modify the order numbers based on personal preferences or to seamlessly coincide their migration from one cart to another; which is why I made the comment about being able to modify/change it. I have already looked at the DB schema and have a good general idea of where things are, but don't want to break anything that's not broken already!!!
  4. Thanks, that worked!! -DON-
  5. Following my upgrade for 5.12 to now v 6.0.4, I have lost the order numbering I had with the old cart. For example, Old order number: 150416-090623-1308 New order number: 14 What has happened to my old number scheme and how do I get it back? I have the option for "Increment Order ID" checked under the Dashboard/Setting/Feature tab. I don't see anywhere else to add/modify the order numbers. Perhaps I am missing it somewhere..... Thanks, -DON-
  6. I am pretty sure the Logo was there, but no checkbox, although if I remember correctly, there was some greyish artifact there, but no box. I don't remember if the word status was there or not. I indicated in an earlier post that I had used the "authorization code" method to install the plugin. I am almost 90% certain when I clicked on the modules listing box, I also scrolled to the bottom and clicked on the save button. I know I have forgotten to do that in the past - and may have this time as well (I am over 60 now, so my memory, along with a couple other things, is getting shorter!) In any event, by updating the Google App plugin, clearing the cache, making sure the plugin was enabled, seemed to do the trick. It is working now. I see the headers tabs, allow zones, disallowed zones, but there is nothing on those tabs! Of THIS I am certain - 'cause I just looked at it this very minute!
  7. It looks like problem is now resolved. Resubmitted and got 34-items read with no errors this time. Thanks for all of your help. -DON-
  8. OK - the Google plugin has be not only checked on the "Plugins Listing", but ALSO INSIDE the plugin for it to work. When I first installed the plugin, I did open it and there was NO check-box. So, I checked the box in the main listing of plugins, cleared the cache and still got the same results. NOW, I open the plugin and lo-and-behold --- there is a check-box! And it is UNCHECKED although the box in the plugins listing IS checked. So, I checked the box, flushed the cache and ran the URL again. Now the listing LOOKS like it should. I will resubmit to Google and see if there are errors this time. -DON-
  9. What I attached to the original message is DIRECTLY from what Google fetched!
  10. Here are the screen captures from Google showing the types of errors/warnings they are seeing....the page was too long to capture in one image!
  11. Let me preface this with one comment - I stand corrected - it was GOOGLE who was doing the complaining and NOT Amazon - I have been working with both this morning with issues!! BSmiter, I have downloaded the module (got the "code" and entered it in the manage plugins, just like the instructions said) and installed it, clicked on the check box to activate it and ran another download/upload product listing to Google - same errors... I ran the URL and the feed looks the same to me. I did notice on the "header" line, immediately following the last column descriptor (if that's the correct name for the column header in the file) is the first item name in quotes, some data, and then a line return/feed a title, another line return/feed and more data... It seems that the data should ALL be on the same line until the end of the product listing and a new listing begins - correct??
  12. All they need is the password. Has been working fine for about the past year - until the upgrade. See the URL I copied in message above. That is what I gave Amazon is using to generate their product listing download. They don't need anything else. I just ran the URL code and it works correctly, but as you indicated earlier, there is an EXTRA line feed/return after each record. I do not remember there being one in the past. -DON- BSmither: If there is some way to get you the password for the data-pull, let me know and I will give it to you.
  13. BSmither, Don't know what you are referring to. There is a password you give to Amazon that allows them to do a product feed. I remember you gave the URL to someone in the past and included the password and it generated an screen listing of the products, that's what Amazon does. I do not do any manual exports, so I don't use any modules..... Am I confusing you yet??!! -DON- p.s. Here is the URL for autogenerating the feed: http://www.lindocrafts.com/admin.php?_g=products&node=export&page=1&per_page=5000&format=googlebase&node=export&access=XXX
  14. Not now... this file was taken directly from Amazon's site. I have already upgraded my site, so there is no way to get an old file. The second file, the one with no extension, has the line numbers and the supposed "error" that they see in the file. To me, it appears there is a comma missing somewhere in the initial record that throws all of the data into a frenzy! I say that because later in the file, on line 72 I believe, they are reporting a "non-numeric" amount in the cost field - and in fact the field is showing an item title instead of the cost of the item..... -DON-
  15. Just received a report from a customer who attempted to checkout following the upgrade to v6.0.2 this past Friday. He is getting the error message: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again.I had enabled captcha recognition with v5.2 and it worked fine. Enabled the "Enhanced Captcha" as was recommended with the upgrade to v6.0.2 and the issue started. I have turned the captcha off for the time being until I can get a resolution to this issue - the second since upgrading. By the way, there is NO CAPTCHA box appearing on the checkout page - just the error when clicking on the button to go to the payment gateway. -DON-
  16. Upgraded to 6.0.2 on Friday afternoon from v5. All was working well with v5, and appeared to be working fine with v6. However I do an item push to Amazon on Monday mornings and this push was totally hosed! 448 errors in a push that in the past had none or an occasional 1. I have attached the actual push file and the error file that was generated by CC-v6 directly from Amazon this morning (one is a csv file and the other is a text/csv file). I HAVE to have this fixed! I run a small store and cannot afford to have ALL of my items disallowed because of errors. Amazon gets pretty PO'd about things like this and WILL shut your store's feed down - no questions asked. HELP!!!! Thanks, -DON- LindoCraftProducts.f101182310.u1429509600000000.feeduploadreport.csv uploadts-1429509600-sec_Lindo
  17. Is there a way to resend the Admin emails that are supposed to be sent when someone places an order? I cannot find an option/feature that allows this in v5.2.16. Plan to upgrade to v6.0.2 shortly. Thanks, -DON-
  18. JK, You can allow customers to print an order form and then send you a check/pay by CC is probably the closest to what you want to do. Go into Payment Modules and select "Print Order Form." Fill out the requiste fields and then your customers will have the option of either paying up-front via credit card on the site or giving your wife a check / CC number. The drawback to that option is you will need to clear the payment and mark the order as paid by hand as there is no automatic option for that. Hope this helps. -DON-
  19. Error logs are under the Advanced tab at the bottom of the screen to the left.
  20. I have run into several issues in the past few days trying to get my cart approved by Google Shopping. I think I have solved them all successfully! However, while doing research on those issues, I found that the option to have USPS shipping as an option on my checkout pages is not working. I have setup the USPS shipping module with the setting shown in the attached image - which from my understanding, should work. When I add an item to my shopping cart and go to checkout, the only option for shipping is UPS! I am getting pretty frustrated with all the hoops I've had to jump through in the past few days and now this frustration is driving me to pull out what little hair I have left!!! I have searched through the shipping archives and cannot find anything that shows how this should be fixed...any assistance is appreciated! Thanks, Don UPDATE: Found the problem. I had to get a new user ID from USPS. The one I had been using evidently was not meeting their standards.... go figure!!! Thanks. DON
  21. I KNEW there had to be a way! Thanks to you both for your help! -DON-
  22. My wife and I now have a new baby!! Lindo Crafts Supplies is officially online now. You can find it here: www.Lindocrafts.com -DON-
  23. Is there any way to PREVENT upgrades from overwriting changes made to the css files? I have just updated from 5.2.8 to 5.2.10 and had to replace the old .css files from my original install of 5.2.8 to get my site back to the way I had it designed! I do not see a method of adding a new skin and using that one for my site. I created a new folder in the skins folder (mycrosshatch) and copied all of the files from crosshatch into that folder (including the two I changed back) but I do not see the option of "mycrosshatch" in the dropdown listing in the admin panel.... Thanks for your input. -DON-
  24. I am really fairly new with CC, but was using/writing web software for several years in a past life. Now that my wife and I have setup an online store for our crafting supplies business, we have found that stamps.com does not have an "included" plugin means for connecting with CC for downloading the customer's sales information for printing postage. They DO however, have a means of importing both XML and CSV files as an alternative means of getting the data into their program. I have not been able to locate a means directly from within CC for exporting that data in the specific format Stamps.com needs, nor as an AFFORDABLE plugin! For small startups, like ourselves, I believe spending over $400/yr just to get access to the stamps.com interface via a plugin/webspace is outrageous. We are therefore looking for alternative ways of implementing an interface between the two - we are very satisfied with both and do not wish to change either one but do long for an easier way to work with the two. Any REASONABLE ideas????
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