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  1. Paul 0'Reilly

    Customer registration problem

    Hi Hello, thanks for your quick response... The Flag atop register page is now USA. I assume that's why you are seeing cell phone not 'mobile' - which is also preferred description in Australia Client and I both believe previously this lang. flag was always UK . It was only changed very recently when they kept on encountering address field issu:e " County" as opposed to "States" which is descriptor for Australia, as in: NSW, WA, VIC, QLD Should we change language back to UK english? It seems that the registration problem is random, in that many customers' register fine, and others can't. Love to get things back working Your most most appreciated Paul
  2. Paul 0'Reilly

    Customer registration problem

    Hi client is running latest CC . I paid CC to upgrade site recently, which is when the problem started. https://www.glendinnings.com.au/index.php Your wisdom appreciated! rgds Paul CubeCart Version 6.1.13
  3. Paul 0'Reilly

    Customer registration problem

    Hi, I am using CC 6 > customers are having trouble registering their address. Address field is asking for 'County' not 'States' which is what is needed for Australia. I need address field to display 'States' I have checked that CC language is set a US English. Any help / fixes most welcome! Thanks
  4. Paul 0'Reilly

    [Resolved] All in one shipping - how to display in kgs?

    Thanks a lot. Fixed. I was looking in the mod!
  5. Hello - I am using all in one shipping mod which displays in lbs not kgs, anyone know how to fix this, and change to kgs. I have other CC store with same mod installed and it displays kgs. Help appreciated. Thx
  6. Thank you have done... I see that you are a CC expert and I a novice. Can I ask you another Q... I have installed cc 6.18 and have the following message a top of all pages: "Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50545 Library:50635 in /home/aus10534/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33" Advice on what to do much appreciated. Thanks mate.
  7. After installing CC 6.18 - have the following message atop cc pages. What to do? Any help apprec. Thanks.

    "Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50545 Library:50635 in /home/aus10534/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33


    1. Al Brookbanks

      Al Brookbanks

      Hi Paul, can you submit a ticket and I'll take a look for you. 


    2. Paul 0'Reilly
  8. My client wants to remove Cube Cart credit at bottom of site pages. Not sure how to do this. Help welcome...
  9. Paul 0'Reilly

    Australia post issues

  10. Paul 0'Reilly

    Australia post issues

    My Aus Post shipping module has stopped working... Getting following message when products put in basket: "There are no suitable shipping methods avail. for your order... This maybe be weight of order is too high.." But weight of most products is less than 500gs. Also "standard or express delivery" not showing. Before now all working fine for last 3 years. Any ideas welcome... Thx
  11. Paul 0'Reilly

    Continue shopping button

    6.0.12 at the minute
  12. Hi, I currently use Australia Post shipping mod via Pre-paid bags. However, I often find these are too expensive to use for most of the small items in my store. Does the standard cube cart shipping module allow me to ship by weight, setting my own price? For example, < 200g < 300g <400g etc. Any guidance much appreciated rgds...
  13. Paul 0'Reilly

    Continue shopping button

    Hi, some of my customers have asked, why there isn't a 'Continue shopping button' in cube cart? Some of them are making separate buys rather than adding to shopping cart. Any thoughts welcome...