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  1. Right at the end of the of the install when I am sending details to paypal
  2. I keep getting an authentication error trying to use that one I don't know where to check, I've looked at the plug in and can't see where to enter it
  3. I'm using PayPal Pro & Express Gateway. I'm not receiving payments through through the payment gateway, the order system is telling me that the payment has been made, but it's not showing in my Paypal account. Contacted Paypal they are telling me to check the email address on the back end of my site
  4. Many thanks for this, at least no I know where to look
  5. Can anyone tell me if this now disables the horizontal menu bar, I did ask the question on the plugin page, but there hasn't been any discussion on there in two years https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/vertical-navigation-box If it doesn't how do you disable it ?
  6. I know someone who hotlinks everything on his site to porn, it seems to stop them.
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