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  1. I'm on the upgrade before the latest one as I haven't had time to bring it up to date yet
  2. No the site isn't that busy. I tried myself on another single item and got the same result
  3. I had my stock settings to deduct an item from stock when the items status changes to 'pending' this has worked fine when there has been more than one in stock. However yesterday a customer bought the last one of an item, as he went through the payment process the stock was reduced to '0' because of this when he got to 'Make Final Payment' he couldn't because the stock was '0' ! Changing the stock settings to reduce stock on 'Order Complete' solves this problem. Is this a glitch ?
  4. That's why I didn't touch it ! Had to go to bed last night as it was getting really late in the UK.
  5. I havew a lot more code in that section !
  6. Ok lets start again ! If you go to my site and click on "Paints" on the Navbar, it takes you to the category page, one category is Own Brand Acrylics, the other is Humbrol Enamels. Both of these are showing an "add to basket" button and a price. What I want to do is remove the button and price from category pages for all categories, is this possilbe ?
  7. Not sure I wanted the info button, but yes one is showing. and it does take me to the product when clicked on What I really need is to get rid of the "add to basket" button on multiple options,
  8. Hi thanks. Yes the code is there, and I've got a master copy, and edited a copy of that.
  9. It's Broad actually !!
  10. My HTML skills are not up to this !
  11. I've got an issue with the price and "Add to Basket" showing on the category screen, especially when using the options system, I don't want this to show, if it can't be done, IMO it makes the options system useless ! and every produc will have to be entered as a separate product.
  12. The problem I'm having is that customers are attempting to pay via the secure payment method is getting a 'card declined' message, if I use Evalon gateway, ( the same as in my real shop) it will cost me £20 per month, which at the moment is more than the online business takes in profit !
  13. I only have paypal as a payment gateway on my site, so I need to remove the secure checkout option, is there a way to do this https://testvalleymodels.com/index.php
  14. Many thanks for this, at least no I know where to look
  15. Can anyone tell me if this now disables the horizontal menu bar, I did ask the question on the plugin page, but there hasn't been any discussion on there in two years https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/vertical-navigation-box If it doesn't how do you disable it ?