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  1. The problem I'm having is that customers are attempting to pay via the secure payment method is getting a 'card declined' message, if I use Evalon gateway, ( the same as in my real shop) it will cost me £20 per month, which at the moment is more than the online business takes in profit !
  2. I only have paypal as a payment gateway on my site, so I need to remove the secure checkout option, is there a way to do this https://testvalleymodels.com/index.php
  3. Many thanks for this, at least no I know where to look
  4. Can anyone tell me if this now disables the horizontal menu bar, I did ask the question on the plugin page, but there hasn't been any discussion on there in two years https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/vertical-navigation-box If it doesn't how do you disable it ?
  5. Be wary that if links are changed to new links, the old links will generate masses of 404's, It's best to genreate a 404 page wi8th links back to the home pages that bots an humans can follow
  6. No we don't have anything at the moment, it's more for the stock control side we need it, the accounting is a bonus, but we do have a bookkeeper who does all that for us
  7. Is it possible to integrate CC with an EPOS system ? I also have a bricks and mortar shop, and updating the website with sales from the shop each day is becoming a bit of a pain.
  8. How much time did you leave between uploading the sitemap and using the fetch as Google ? It can take Google up to 14 days to index a sitemap, and all the links to and from it.
  9. Hi hope someone can help. I want to import the attached into my inventory to save me lot of time typing, how do I do this using the "import" function TIA Hornby Order Form 2017 FY v1 (003)csv.csv
  10. In hindsight I think that I have to resort back to individual products and create a category tree with greater depth, because of the niche I am in there is massive amount of products that are available in different scales scales, sizes and therefore prices. It's best to sort these things out now, rather than another six months down the line when the task will be very tiresome. What I like about this forum is the willingness for others to share experiences and solutions, to save others making the same mistakes.
  11. Whilst this solves the problem of itemised costs in matrix options, it does not solve the problem of displaying a zero value value for matrix options on the home page. If the only answer is to enter the items individually,then the matrix options is useless ! because you would enter all the costs for the individual products anyway. I can see a lot of work ahead, taking stock out of matrix options and placing them into individual products.
  12. When pricing options I am leaving the main pricing Tab empty as the options have different prices, however this mean that on the home screen the price is shown as Zero. Is there a way around this ? Also for the inventories sake there is no way of adding individual cost prices for each item, is there a workaround for this as well ?
  13. This has now been resolved and can be locked
  14. I have set it up once, but had to change the email address of my paypal account, now I have had two failed transactions, so I am thinking that I need to reset the API's to the new account address, but I have forgotten how to do it
  15. Can someone explain how to set this up please. I've recently changed my paypal login details and now this seems to have stopped working