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  1. I do not use Cubecart so I cannot answer your question. However, I've search a lot for Magento. I think you should stay with Magento because Magento updates its site regularly. May be after they make an update on Magento, your problem is solved. Regards,
  2. I have a friend and she's using Shopify. She told me that everything in Shopify is great, the only thing she does not like in Shopify is the fees. If her business is good, it's does not matter to response for the fees. However, in bad cases, she is insufficient to pay for the fees. I'm planning to open my own online business, but still wonder which eCommerce platform should I choose. Is Cubercart really a good choice?
  3. What about Cubecart and Magento? If using an online store about household items, which cart is better?
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