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  1. Thanx for your answer, havenswift. Appreciate it I really think this should be an option one way or another. Added feature or as a (commercial) paypal module. Dealing with returns and refunds is pretty time consuming, and it's likely to believe that the more your company expands, the more refunds you will need to take care of. At least if you deal with clothes and such where your customers have their rights and often take advantages of them. Maybe it's one of those "If you don't know it exists you don't care, but you're used to having it, you can't be without it"- things. This issue is pretty close to a show stopper for us, so if anyone is thinking of doing something with this, one way or another, I would be grateful if they gave me a heads up =) Elviz
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if there is any refund options/modules in CubeCart (as I can't seem to find any)? And if not - as this is a pretty important part of running a store and dealing with customers - is there a plan on adding this in future releases, ? In PrestaShop (1.4) there is by default a refund option among the order-statuses, and if you have paid with PayPal, everything goes automatically. Item gets restocked and customer gets his money back. Elviz
  3. It's worth mentioning that if you run Linux you can do all these things pretty easily in the terminal. I.E: jpegoptim *.jpg -t --strip-all find . -iname '*.jpg' -print0 | xargs -0 jpegoptim --max=90 --strip-all --preserve --totals or find . -iname '*.png' -print0 | xargs -0 optipng -o7 -preserve Takes care of all the jpg's or png's in a folder and its subs Switching to Linux and discovering the terminal made my life a whole lot easier when working with tweaking and optimizing web related stuff
  4. I got the css tweaking and sprite modification under control, so I'm good there. Thanx for reacing out a hand though =) I will most likley need help with other stuff down the road though, as my skills are basically restricted to things like css and sprite modifications. Database-export and import from PrestaShop to CubeCart might give us some headache. It's pretty awesome that you guys are on top of things right away with solving issues + being so helpful in the forum. A huge plus when deciding what to go for. Both thumbs up!
  5. HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Works like a charm! I wasn't quite sure if I should change this line though, so I didn't: But if 276 is, in fact, 'parent_language' coming from $array['parent'], then the value will be a language code and the statement should be: $xml->setElement('parent_language', $array['parent'], false, false); I did not get an "email_xx-XX.xml" in the language folder though, but maybe this file is created elsewhere, yeah?
  6. Sounds good! Let me know if I can help out with anything
  7. It happened with every info i entered. no-NO, no-BM, no-NN
  8. Is this only happening to me, or have you been able to reproduce the issue as well?
  9. Looks like you were on to something after all regarding the sprite image, bsmither. I somehow, in a strange way, got it working. Here's what i did: 1. Opened the image sprite and replaced the bottom flag with the Norwegian. 2. Changed span.flag.flag-PT to span.flag.flag-NO. 3. Downloaded the Danish language files and changed every text saying dk-DK to no-NO. 4. Added the Norwegian flag to the language folder in root. Now the language automatically showed up in both BO and store front (with the right flag) Have no clue whatsoever why the sprite image should be the one that screwed this up bigtime in the backoffice, but now everything seems to be working. This said: Isn't this quite poor management of the language options? I remember having the same issues back in 6.0.6 or something, and the result of it was that I dropped CubeCart and moved on to other eCommerce solutions. My two speciedalers at least Elviz
  10. When I untick the language and hit save, I get the blue banner telling me it's a success. But the checkbox also gets auto ticked. Super user is in the admin is checked. When I run the CubeCart_config in a decoder i get this: {"0":"0","en-GB":"1"}
  11. Still acting odd. I.E when I try to disable the new language, it automaticly ticks itself again when hitting save. And it does not respond to the "Edit" button. I see there is a languge fix in 6.1.1. I'll do an update\clean install and see if that helps.
  12. Thank you for replying bsmither. Appreciate it. This should be fairly easy, but it doesn't really solve the main issue here, wich is the problem(s) in the BO. =) It's the creation of the language and translations itself that seems to be failing. At least I cant figure it out
  13. I am trying to create a new language, but I cant seem to figure it out why it's not working. Basically I want to create a Norwegian language. I add the little info I am suppose to, hit save, and the languages turns a little crazy on me. New language picture is "unknown", text says "Norsk" and language is enabled, but cant edit. When I go to Store front, i get "Norsk" as text, but with the German flag. Now I am also unable to delete the language from back office. Anyone familiar with this behaviour? Elviz
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