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  1. Hi All, I have looked every where for a fix on this and haven't found one, I think I am suffering from "website fatigue"! I have just had a UK customer complain that the shopping cart forces them to include a county and they haven't used that postage method for years. Is there a quick fix for this? i.e. remove State/County as a required field. Thanks again, Andrew
  2. Thanks Brian, I always clear the cache after an edit I discovered that the hard way a few years back. The change in cubecart.css did the trick, thank you so much. I don't know what the majority of us would do without you help on this forum! Take care, Andrew
  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for the quick reply, I changed the background of the top bar when you assisted me to stretch it to 100%. If I reduce the categories it looks fine (see photo). Could it have something to do with the grid setup of noodleman's theme? Take care
  4. HI Guys, I just need some help with the top menu in Noodlemans theme. With Brian's help I managed to stretch it to 100% but the issue I am having is the amount of categories I have which now extends the menu to two rows. It now doesn't stretch the whole width anymore (right hand side), I have attached a photo as the shop is closed for development.
  5. Thanks Brian, That did the trick. Take care, Smithy
  6. Hi All, I am working on a new shop for a not for profit and am using Noodleman's skin and CC V.6.4.4. The problem I have is that in category view when I click on a products add to basket tab, the your basket image pops up with the message your basket is empty. I can add to the basket in latest products and within the products page. If I switch to the foundation skin it works perfectly, however I want to use Noodleman's skin, so a simple switch of skins isn't the solution. The shop can be found at https://ww1aero.org.au/store I have been staring at the code for hours and now cannot see the forest for the trees. Please help! Take care all, Smithy
  7. Hi Brian, Thanks for the reply, the only issue is that the membership fee includes postage for Australia and NZ. I need to somehow add the international fee for those members that live elsewhere. I don't want to create a separate "international" membership as I can guarantee that people will click on the wrong membership type. Take care, Andrew
  8. G'day All, I a setting up a shop for an historical society that has an annual membership. As part of the membership dues they mail out two journals per year, the dues include local postage, they also have an eMembership option where those journals are sent electronically. I have setup the eMembership as a digital product and would like to set up the postal Membership as a digital product as well. The problem is the international postage costs need to be somehow charged. They charge a flat $20 rate. Is there a way I can add this cost to international membership using the digital platform? I don't want to muck about with postage via weight as they have other items for sale such as books etc, hence the desire to have the membership as a digital product. I hope that makes sense, Smithy.
  9. Thanks mate, That worked a treat, sorry to have been a pain. Regards, Smithy
  10. Sorry mate, coding is a bit foreign to me. Is the template/content.product.php file the one under the mican blue folder? If so I cannot find the coding you suggest. Thanks Smithy
  11. I was wondering if it is possible to do the same with the Mican Blue skin? Thanks, Smithy
  12. Hi Guys, Thanks for all of your help so far. What I need help with this time is editing the gateway. I would like to make the county/state field a non required field. I want the field there for the countries that have those requirements, but I do not want to force countries without a state or county boundaries to have to fill it in. Thanks again, Smithy
  13. Hi Again guys I have decided to go with the social media option in the old currency box section of Mican, but the formatting is not what I had hoped for. Is there an option to use the Social Media logos in the section and have them centred. www.battlebooks.com.au Thanks guys, Smithy
  14. Thanks DB, I have decided to go a different path and now would like advice of how to place an image in the area with a clickable link. Can anyone assist me please. Thanks Smithy
  15. G'day All, I followed this threads advice from March regarding Social Media and the Mican Skin It works great but what I would love to do is to add the Social media links where Mican had the currency displayed at the top of the page. Can anyone assist me with the coding. Thanks in advance Smithy
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