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  1. Billing Address - no State

    Hi Brian, As always you have come up with the solution :-) Yep now working perfectly Thank you Gary
  2. Billing Address - no State

    Hi Noodleman, I tried what you have suggested but now i have the white screen you mentioned before, when trying to view the language file. I get this error message when looking in the error log: [Exception] /var/www/vhosts/ - Call to a member function attributes() on null I have turned off each plugin, one at a time to see if that helps but still no joy :-( I am using CubeCart version 6.1.12 Any Other Suggestions?
  3. Billing Address - no State

    Hi Noodleman, Here are the plug-ins I have installed. I haven't had any issues with white screens. Can you see any plugins that you are aware of that might be the problem?
  4. Billing Address - no State

    Hi Dirty Butter, Checked that too and all Users are UK. so still trying to find a solution :-(
  5. Billing Address - no State

    Hi Brian, Carried that out again but still no change across the whole site :-(
  6. Billing Address - no State

    Hi, Its an upgrade a while back from V5 to V6.0.12 with a modded foundation skin. Regards Gary
  7. Billing Address - no State

    I have the same issue apart from the other way around. I have changed the word State to County in Settings/Languages/English (UK) and (US) but all areas within the website are showing State. Any suggestions? Gary
  8. Two Cubecart shops for One PayPal Account

    Hi Brian, It was the Notification URL box within PayPal where you add the address from Cubecart. For example is what the old version 3 shop used. There is no address in cubecart version 6 for PayPal. Worldpay for example in cubecart 6 has this
  9. Two Cubecart shops for One PayPal Account

    Hi Guys, What do I put in the Notification URL? as I have tried to leave it blank but it wont allow that? The only option is to turn it off (Disable) but then the status in the shop stays on Pending. I was hoping that the shops would manage the IPN independently, Is that possible? Regards gary
  10. Two Cubecart shops for One PayPal Account

    Hi Guys, Thank you for the responses. I will take off the IPN in PayPal and see how the CC3 shop gets on. I am fairly sure its not working anyway on the old cc3 store. Thank you Gary
  11. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to run two cubecart shops with one PayPal account? Anyone doing this? Any Issues? One shop is CC3 and the other is CC6 The CC3 shop is coming to the end of its life but there will be a couple of months when they will both be using the same PayPal account if possible. Gary
  12. Hi Al, I will take a look at the plans and get back to you by PM. Would that also cover all the 301 re-directs etc. Cheers Gary
  13. Hi Ian, Excellent news! I will be in touch Regards Gary
  14. Hi, I am looking for someone who has a good level of knowledge of how to limit the damage with google of removing an old website that has been around since 2006 and replacing it with a new version 6 site. This is a totally new site. However it contains a lot of the same products but with different titles etc We are wondering what is the best option? • Replace the current (v3) website with the new one (v6) on the domain name or • Launch the new website (v6) on the slightly better domain name with redirects from the old site Concerns • We don’t want to lose any “presence or good reputation” that has been gained over the years with Google etc. (Products, General website) • Does the current domain name have a good ranking with google (Has the old site caused harm to the natural rankings?) • Would adding the new (v6) website improve any negative ranking from Google etc? on the domain name? • Would creating re-directs from old domain name to the new (v6) shop on new domain name prove to be a better solution? Any suggestions, Recommendations? Thank you Gary