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  1. had a look and that is strange no recaptcha yes updatet skin updated recaptcha secrett codes
  2. new recaptcha turned on
  3. www.rbckits.com it the recaptcha is switched of now, btw it started all with the latest update
  4. Had done all skin site keys , it does not work, only the phrase is there and no click box with old recaptcha on it also shows the facebook pluging for likes , with recaptcha of it does not show the facebook plugin for likes btw is it not a google thing ? we have added the site and keys
  5. gues i am the only one having this issue ?
  6. tried all but it does not work latest skin kuroto but it shows no progress contact form verify you are a human does not work what to do ? btw it does not show on any skin only the phrase , acn do nothing with it have to switch it off
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