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  1. A link will work until I can root out the data needed. But, yes you can ship through paypal. It's the only way I do it. I have a business account with USPS, UPS, and Fedex, but the store is set up for only USPS priority mail. I create shipping labels and everything through Paypal. It will then generate a tracking number once the label is completed and printed. This is why I wanted to add a shortcut to paypal. I can do it manually for now, just takes a little more time. But in the future, it would be good to find a way to implement this into CC. Because regardless, I believe I still manually have to do this shipping process directly logged in to Paypal. The link should do just fine for now. Don't have time to add it tonight, but will get on it this week for sure! Thanks!
  2. You have a pointer cursor over the checkout and update basket buttons. See... When I highlight Empty Basket, I get a finger, if I move over to Update or Checkout I get a pointer. If I go to subscribe or buy now, I get a pointer, but if I go to View Basket, I get a finger. It is not consistent. Can you maybe check out my page? http://www.treasure-post.com/store/
  3. So, I've had this issue since CC3. And I want to fix it in 5. How can I add a couple of links to the admin orders overview screen? Basically, I want a link to PAYPAL and a link to my shipping carrier. What do I need to edit to get this to work? Here's my story on this. CC5 is great, but I still am stuck with Paypal and as I understand it, there is no way to fully integrate Paypal into CC. By that, I mean I can not have information from Paypal inserted automatically into the CC orders. For instance Tracking information when shipping through Paypal. Paypal is my only payment option, so when they pay I use their confirmed address in Paypal to ship. This creates a tracking number in Paypal that I need to manually copy over to the cubecart orders. From there, I used to be able to use Paypal to request carrier pickups, but that link in Paypal is broken so I do that manually now as well. I hate Paypal more and more everyday, but it seems to be the most readily acceptable payment form online. So some minor tweaks to put an admin at ease is great! Thanks!!
  4. Okay. I will give it a shot this weekend and see what comes of it. I am having a hard time visualizing the difference if the Express still takes you to Paypal as does the Standard option. I'll work on it and give it a whirl. Thanks!
  5. Okay, thanks. I will stick with the regular payment gateway. No point in complicating things! My customers require simplicity. LOL
  6. I just registered my LITE version of CC5 and I had orders placed using Paypal payment gateways that I set up. When I registered, I see there are now plugins available. One of those plugins is Paypal.... What is the plugin exactly and how does it differ from the Paypal payment gateway?
  7. Thanks. Got it done... now takes me to more questions. LOL I will post those in appropriate area though.
  8. What do I need to buy in order to upgrade from the cc5 Lite version to CC5 full version? And will this require a whole new install? What's the process? Thanks!
  9. During the check out process, I noticed that the link/button for "Empty Cart" changes to a little finger pointer. If you hover the mouse over "Checkout" it does NOT change to the finger pointer for links, but stays as an arrow. I have also noticed this for the newsletter's "Subscribe Now" button as well. How do I fix this? When I am on websites, if I don't see that change, sometimes I don't realize it's a clickable icon button or link. Thanks!
  10. I seem to be having an issue setting up the By Weight shipping. Is there instructions on how to do this?? I will be shipping only to the USA and each product has a different weight which will require different Flat Rates, but I don't see a place to input this information. I see all this about "zones" yet I am only shipping to one country (zone). I also have a few items that will NOT have a shipping charge because they're either digital downloads or drop ship items.
  11. That's what I figured because it's an on the fly processed source. Should be a way to create a dummy order within the admin panel for these types of testing purposes so that it doesn't effect stock levels, create real live orders, etc. EDIT: Was able to open the print.tpl file with Dreamweaver and haphazardly see what I was doing.
  12. Is there a way for me to preview my print out invoices? I am trying to do some work on the invoice structure and logo. Each time I make changes, I would like to be able to preview it. I have been creating dummy orders to view it, but there has to be a way to check it without doing so. I am sure I overlooked it somewhere. Anyone? Thanks!
  13. Thank you, for some reason I copied exactly what you had and that worked perfect as far as appearance. I must have had something input wrong. I will give it a test run all the way through and see how it does. Much appreciated!
  14. When I use the code change to "hidden", it removes the password textboxes. A user can't input a password. Can I somehow just remove the "checkbox" instead and change the language next to it that says 'I would like to create an account'?
  15. I found this post, was wondering if it's the same thing that you're describing?
  16. Anyway to force a registration before being able to check out? I know you can make guests register to see prices, but is there any other alternative to that?
  17. UPON FURHTER INSPECTION... When a GUEST tries to check out, the tax is automatically included. If they do live outside the state, they manually have to click "update cart" before hitting check out, otherwise they are charged tax. Furthermore.... if they click a state outside the tax zone and update their cart, it takes the tax off. HOWEVER, if they go back to change their state afterwards to the taxable state and hit check out without updating, they are not charged tax.... NOT GOOD! Is there a way to force users to sign up before being able to complete the checkout process so tax is displayed correctly? Because ALL 1st time visitors are guests until they register an account, and consequently will see incorrect pricing.
  18. UPDATE: OK, fixed the tax inclusion. Apparently it didn't save "tax included" on the product when Disabled it. However, now it is showing $4.00 properly, yet still charging tax for guests. This should only be charging tax for those in a particular state.
  19. had it pop up for a few days now. don't think it's anything to worry about.
  20. Okay, so I have a test product in my store I am working with. I have created a State sales tax, enabled everything accordingly (I think), when I go to check it out in the store. I see my test product listed at $4.00 on the site. When I add it to the basket and go to my basket, it has then changed the unit price and "price" from $4.00 to $3.70 The shipping is at $0.00 Tax is stating $0.30 There should NOT be any tax displayed because I am viewing as guest. AND... why is the TAX subtracting from the price of the product and adding it back as tax to make the total back to $4.00????
  21. More specifically, the MySQL database uses domain specific hosting. Localhost isn't an option. We have mysql.domain.com as the hostname based on the domain. I am on the same server, but for instance, domain1.com is mysql.domain1.com and now that I have domain2014.com, my mysql database is now mysql.domain2014.com
  22. Is it possible for me to move from one domain to another without having to basically start from scratch? I am not talking about the skins and such, but the actual data within the store itself. Is there an export feature from one live store and an import feature or a way to do that? The issue is that my database will be on a new hostname and everything, but I am trying to see if there is an easier way to transfer all of this data easily. If not, the store was in it's infancy anyway and I may just have to start over, but I would rather not. Thanks!
  23. This is what comes up in the phpinfo files when I have .htaccess named and renamed. NOTE: This is not the entire info file, just the PHP related and IONCUBE/ZEND related areas. Looking at the PHP 5.4.20 (.htaccess_renamed) phpinfo file it does NOT show IONCUBE installed. With .htaccess full functional this is what phpinfo shows me The problem is obvious, with .htaccess its loading a ioncube PHP Loader v4.2.2 I can not seem to get ioncube loaders updated properly. I've tried the loader wizard, the ioncube installer and nothing seems to be working.
  24. I have ioncube installed. I used the ioncube loader wizard to install all the loaders up to 5.5. Still nothing has changed. When .htaccess is in place, the phpinfo.php file reads PHP 5.2.17 and the store works fine, both before and after installing the latest ioncube loaders. Renaming .htaccess gives me PHP 5.4.20 and have absolutely no ability to see the store. It gives me no errors, simply a white blank page. Is there a configuration setting somewhere I should be looking at editing? It seems strictly related to the .htaccess file some how. The contents of that file are listed above and accurate. Do I need to add something to the htaccess file? I don't know much about htaccess files as I've never dealt with them outside of pre-installed scripts. in the cgi-bin folder there is a php.ini file that says zend_extension="/home/*******************.net/cgi-bin/ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so" Even having changed this to something else made no differences.
  25. Tried renaming the file. When I rename the file, I get a blank white page trying to do anything with the store. However, at the time of renaming the htaccess file, the info does update to PHP 5.4 but lack the ability to have a Cubecart store
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