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  1. Hi Jonathan, CubeCart can work with Digital Downloads, and there is no technical reason why there will be a problem in getting this running. The flashplayers I've looked at in the past mainly use an XML based playlist system (or a simple parameter based system for single tracks). Code can be created to create the XML playlist "on the fly", some other tricks can be done to possibly eliminate the need for separate "preview" files. However, this forum is for the discussion of the unmodified code - and this work is reasonably tricky, so I would suggest looking for an experienced developer to help. Jason
  2. vokf

    stat logs

    What Stat logs? CubeCart does not create log files (product views etc are stored in the database). Jason
  3. Hi, Unless you are able to edit the CSS/XHTML yourself (knowing what to edit is the difficult bit), you should really ask for assistance over at cubecartforums.org Very minor tweaks are easy- but its going to be best to speak to some design experts and possible hire someone to help. This forum is really for the core, unmodified CubeCart product only -so basic tweaks can be discussed, but I suspect you really want a really nice design. Jason
  4. it was just over a year ago. It was a mess. Ok - I guess not much has changed then :-)
  5. Hi Joe, In light of your story - when did you installed Magneto? (2yr ago, 6months ago?) I cannot dispute anything you've said - I did a test install when it first appeared (a few years ago?!) and not looked at it seriously since. I did hear about serious performance problems, but would hope that this has been sorted. As CubeCart devs learnt, Database queries cost time, and efficient queries with indexing, and caching is really needed. I'm not looking to defend Magneto, I enjoy working with CubeCart, and think the forums and members are one its greatest assets. From what I've seen, it may be a better choice (or there may be better choices!) for large and busy stores, but only when you pay the $2K+ pa. The cut-down community version really isn't feature rich enough. Personally, I'd like to see CubeCart move towards stored proceedures/triggers etc on the database. That should help simplify some of the code, with security benefits. mySQL V5 has had these features for about 3 years+ I'm not sure if Magneto has this (some other carts do), this will provide a nice separation of database/php/html, and increase the chance of it working on other database systems. Web2.0 is ok, if it degrades nicely for non-web2.0 clients (ie GoogleBot!) I'm currently battling with some Joomla code that uses Javascript+Ajax to present search results... All very slick, but I've got to code a site-map!
  6. Sorry John, this is just a stock template with a logo - so nothing to shout about. I actually prefer the V3 site to V4- and even the V3 site is pretty standard. To compete, you really need to invest in a great design to provide a professional look. If you have invested in a Merchant account, then it does show you're serious about trading online- so some investment in the right place will really help. Ideally, find a designer who can create cubecart templates. The best place would be cubecartforums.org - as you can view previous feedback. There are some "off-the-shelf" designs, and these will be good if you are on a tight budget - but get them to create/integrate a logo. If you check some of the other sites offered in this area, you'll see some great examples. The good news is that CubeCart has a fairly clean separation of layout to php code, and are fairly easy to customise templates - so a new template could be added very easily. I suggest you look at your competitors, and then at your current site. Even if you're lower priced, a bland design really won't inspire buyers, whereas a great design may allow you to increase prices! I hope this helps - sorry I can't be too positive over what you currently have. But do wish you all the best with the business! Jason
  7. The module installer is really for modules of select functionality such as Shipping and Payment. These have pre-defined "hooks" in the CubeCart code to allow them to work. You will find help on modifying CubeCart over at cubecartforums.org There will be commercial developers there who can assist with any projects. This forum is for the core cubecart product only Jason
  8. Cubecart uses the database for sessions, so you could add an extra field in the Sessions table. If you then read the /includes/global/switch.inc.php, you'll see how CubeCart uses the sessions table to retain the currency/langage settings. The above, does not require cookies, and so may be cleaner. With this set, you can then attempt to read it back in the shoppingCart.inc.php code, and manipulate the template output to suit. If you actually need help implementing this, then hop over to CubeCartForums.org for help. Jason
  9. vokf

    Purchase Options

    Hi Phil, The site you mention has a few interesting features; -Multiple option groups. So Prints, Gifts, Frames Prints, Canvas Prints. It appers that each of these groups can have various options (mainly size) -When the option is selected, the page updates to show a simulated view (ie photo on a mug etc). This is possible, but the "mug" view may be difficult.. (the others are simply rescaled images) -Options are mutually exclusive (ie, radio buttons, not tick boxes - only one can be selected). So - it is possible, but not part of the core code, Depending on your needs (and budget!), you could create each image (so photoshop all variants of the product), or this could be done automatically on the server. The best place to discuss this work, would be over at CubeCartforums.org - as this forum, is really for the code (unmodified) version only. You will need a developer who understands the cubecart option system, and is also very good at "GD" programming (for the mug and canvas "3D" views) Regards, Jason
  10. Hi, there is a config tool in the download section: https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=65&nav=0,12 Download this tool and install. You can then switch SSL on/off and correct the problem. Please REMOVE the tool once you have fixed the path. Jason
  11. vokf

    htaccess help.

    Hi Ray, Edit .htaccess in a text editor. Below "RewriteEngine On" Paste; RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L] Save and upload. Visit the non WWW version of your site, and you will be forced to the WWW version. This will force a 301 (Permanent Redirect) to the www version of the page.
  12. Hi Tim, That will be in the Suggestions Area; http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showforum=4 Yes - agree it would be a good feature to add. I have read the requirements, and would suggest posting these again in the Suggestions Area. Right now - your options are limited; CC4 does have an inventory export, that can dump your products as CSV. I'm not familar with ebay sales (in bulk level), but I do understand that TurboLister will take a CSV feed. This is probably a bit too basic/manual, but may be of use? I also know that Ebay has an API - and any mod should probably make use of this. Unfortunately, this is 3rd party development, and a fairly major project to do well. At least in the short-mid term, you need to find a good developer who can make this happen. Regards, Jason
  13. Providing you have GD v2, then the code will try a resample- so the resize quality should be pretty good. The code will maintain aspect ratio, so a long thin original image may result in a fairly small thumbnail to maintain the aspect. For anyone to offer specific advice, you really need to do the sensible thing and post the url..
  14. I assume your url is http://www.joyera.com.au ? I strongly suspect a corrupt upload/file (possibly from FTP transfer). Can you view the newly upload jpg (not the thumbnail?) The transfer mode should be Binary for images. (filename will be Case Sensitive - so has to match the original file) Jason
  15. Looking at the javascript file, its missing some functions... The main problem is the "addtobasket" function is not there. This is used on the viewproduct and viewcategory pages... Suggest you re-upload the javascript file, and ensure you can view the "addtobasket" function. Jason
  16. Thanks for the explanation- I'm not sure how the latter versions of CC4 address this (I know it was fixed?) Jason
  17. This won't work with options. The option can only vary the product price, not weight. Jason
  18. vokf

    CDG Commerce?

    Looking at the docs, the module appears fairly easy to install- and if CDG are good, they will have a test account that they will provide details for. Any support for the module will need to come from them - as its not part of the core cubecart code. Certainly worth giving them a demo. Jason
  19. vokf

    Support form?

    FCK editor will allow you to create the form itself, but you'll need to code the handler for it. Normally a form will have an "action" which can be empty (so the current page is called with the form values passed to it), or a URL. So... you'll either need to know PHP coding, or depending on your needs - use a 3rd party mod/hire a developer. There is a flexible contact form mod that may help, and for more info I would suggest a look at cubecartforums.org (url in my sig). Hope this is of some help, Jason
  20. vokf

    Dang hackers

    If they are getting in via cross-site-scripting (XSS), then the hack will involve calling a script on your site(s). This request will generate an event in the web server log. Tell the hosting company the exact date+time of the attack, and get them to check the apache raw logs for anything suspicious. Also ask them for the same info on FTP. Its in the hosts interest to assist you with this, and leaving you with constant attacks like this is not good. You may have access to the raw logs- in which case PM them to me.
  21. vokf

    Dang hackers

    This could be an attack from a compromised script on another users site/account on the server. Is the .htaccess file being overwritten, or edited? Ie, does it still contain any customisation/SEO bits, or is now simply a redirect? Also check the date/time of the last change- is it always the same time each day? Ensure all other scripts are up to date - check their forums/changenotes for updates. Just because your other sites are not effected does not mean the scripts are not the entry vector! Check the languages/homepage folder on CubeCart is not writeable, I know that used to be recommended. Also see if you can get the raw HTTP logs and FTP logs. The best people to help with this would be your hosting company. They should have access logs- if you can determine the time of the change, they should be able to work out what it going on. Jason
  22. vokf


    This does look like an omission from the CubeCart database. I expect its not a problem to have this corrected. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postal_counti..._United_Kingdom Ok, if you're able to edit the database (phpMyAdmin), then first run a complete account backup (ensure the database is backed up) Then run the following query; INSERT INTO `CubeCart_iso_counties` (`countryId`,`abbrev`,`name`) VALUES (225,"WYK","West Yorkshire") This assumes you've not changed the country code of UK (225), or have any table prefixes. If this runs ok, then add North Yorkshire; INSERT INTO `CubeCart_iso_counties` (`countryId`,`abbrev`,`name`) VALUES (225,"NYK","North Yorkshire") These zones will now appear in CubeCart Admin. I can see you used to use Roman Cart - did that provide full worldwide coverage of each country? I can't easily find a worldwide database of this info- so would be interested to know where a Free Cart was able to get their data from. They are using GPLv3 as their license model - so perhaps it may be possible to run a database dump and use that data?
  23. This is not possible without quite a bit of code changes. I would also strongly recommend using the latest version of CubeCart 3. V 3.0.07 is very old (over 4 years!), and there have been many security enhancements and bug fixes since then. So... before you start any work, you need to update. This is free. Back to your list format.. It sounds like it needs to look list the category view, but with all categories listed. This is possible, but will obviously result in a long page, especially if you want some decent sales blurb with each book. So, unless you can code this yourself, you'll need to hire a developer. Jason
  24. Looks good! Some of the smaller fonts (homepage product titles) are hard to read, they almost look low-resolution.? I'm sure its not my eyesight! lol I coded something in PHP/GD for a jewellery site where the client wanted specific fonts; http://merleogrady.com/ But, the flash method with substitute is better than PHP/GD.
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