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  1. I'm not sure that offering more choices makes anyone's life easier. Rule one: don't make me think. If you have a good payment method available, why offer more for the customer to choose from?
  2. Perhaps you could try it. https://www.rosecottage.org.uk/shop/register.html Duh! Forget that. It was in the html. Not sure why or how. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. It's a skin of my own, based on the simple, non-responsive skin. I certainly never changed any .is functions. I'm baffled why it has started imposing this minimum. I'm sure it didn't in the past.
  4. Someone reported that they were unable to register, so I tried it myself. And I hit a problem. Admittedly, not the problem they were reporting, but... The name I tried to register with is "Test Person" and CubeCart told me that Test is not a long enough name: my first name has to be at least five characters. So I successfully registered as Test0 Name, then successfully changed my first name back to Test. Next I tried to find where this minimum is coming from. I'd not have set it: my own name only has four characters, and I know several people with three character first names, But I failed to find a parameter in the settings. Where should I be looking?
  5. It isn't being entered as a password; what it is putting in as a YouTube ID is nothing like any password I ever have used or would use.
  6. I had the same problem. I sorted it by using Edge browser. Because I never use it, Edge had no autofill in its mind, and I was able to clear the entry and clear the cache. But if I open the page in Chrome, the youtube link is posted back into that field. All a bit unusual: I have never put a youtube link in, and the link it made up is invalid in that it goes to someone else's youtube account. It also uses http: instead of https:
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but this is for a non-profit setup that could not afford it. So whether or not it works for them, it isn't a solution. That's one interpretation, but it could also be "vegan" or "not vegan". At present, the only way to do this is a pair of radiobuttons, which is logically the same, but aesthetically inferior. If a radiobutton group of two could be replaced with a single checkbox, using the same logic, it would be useful in many cases.
  8. I want to add product options that are selected using a checkbox. seems a fairly normal thing to want, but it isn't available on the drop-down list of option group types. I can choose between Dropdown list, Radiobutton list, Textbox and Textarea. Nothing else is offered. In catalogue.class.php it says const OPTION_SELECT = 0; const OPTION_TEXTBOX = 1; const OPTION_TEXTAREA = 2; const OPTION_PASSWORD = 3; const OPTION_RADIO = 4; const OPTION_CHECKBOX = 5; const OPTION_DATEPICKER = 6; const OPTION_HIDDEN = 7; const OPTION_FILE = 8; private $_options_selectable = array( // fixed values self::OPTION_SELECT, self::OPTION_RADIO, self::OPTION_CHECKBOX, self::OPTION_HIDDEN, ); private $_options_textual = array( self::OPTION_TEXTBOX, self::OPTION_TEXTAREA, self::OPTION_PASSWORD, self::OPTION_DATEPICKER, self::OPTION_FILE, ); so the other options must be being switched off somewhere else. But I can't work out where!
  9. I have installed this (on 6.2.5) and when I click the button, nothing happens. The page refreshes. That's all. Where should I look for clues about what went wrong?
  10. I wanted to add some text to the basket, telling people the products in their basket aren't reserved until they are paid for. Easy enough to do: a bit of text in content.checkout.php but i want to be able to edit it fron the admin, so I used {$LANG.checkout.reminder_unpaid_items} in the code, and added the relevant entry into the database. That all works just fine, and the correct text appears on the page, but the new phrase doesn't appear in the Admin Control Panel's "Edit Phrases" page. Is there another thing I should have done to make it work?
  11. bsmithers solution works brilliantly for me. My only regret is that it took me so long to thank him for this. I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be there by default. Is there some down side to this functionality?
  12. Found the problem! I had changed the ownership of all the files and folders in the shop folder, but hadn't opened up the top level shop folder, so the installer had failed to create the new admin folder. Instead of aborting, it had just deleted the old admin folder, leaving me without one at all.
  13. After updating from 6.2.2 to 6.2.3 the admin login has vanished. It used to be admin.php but now it isn't. After the successful upgrade, the "links to your login" page was completely blank. I re-ran the update and got this instead. The text has no links on it. There is nothng "admin-like" visible by ftp. Where should I look for an indication of where the problem is? The store is working fine, but I have no way to log in as admn. Any suggestions?
  14. I'm not sure whether this is the same requirement. I want to be able to see who bought products. I can get a report that lists orders, but doesn't say what they bought. I can get a list of best selling products, but it doesn't say who bought them. I can get a list of unsettled orders, but until I open each, there is no way to see what they bought. To get this information I have to go through the list of sales and click on each order in turn. Is this really not included in the base system?
  15. This works a treat, but why hasn't it been incorporated into a new version of the plugin?
  16. I've hit the same problem. I already had a Stripe account, using it on another site, and with no problems. But the CC Stripe module seems to be only allowing a US Zip code. However, whatever the cause of the problem is with Test mode, it does work just fine when set to Live mode. So it isn't a catastrophe. Just needs a warning that Test mode has a ZIP fixation that goes away in Live mode.
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