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Found 3 results

  1. From Admin > Inventory > Export catalogue When adding products to the exported catalogue, and reimporting the new version do we simply do: Admin > Inventory > Import catalogue: Format: Comma seperated values Delimiter: . Also... is there a handy way to update the Matrix stock levels per product via csv? Can't see a col in the exported csv Would love some tips from store owners who manage a lot of products.
  2. I am trying to upload my products using the Import catalogue function in the admin portal. It offers to map the fields in my csv file and I am trying to map images to certain products but after I load them the images are not showing. I am not sure what format the database is looking for the image file name. I have just loaded a few sample images so far and they are called things like coin1.jpg and coin2.jpg etc. So I have tried using coin1 or coin1.jpg in the field for Master Image, but it still does not seem to hold any of these as the main image for the Product. When I export the database that seems to show that is has accepted coin1.jpg, but at the same time cubecart does not appear to be using it. Can anyone help? Regards Tony E.
  3. Guest

    Product Count increases

    Hey wondered if someone could help me i have an cuebcart site http://www.washingmachineparts.org.uk and everytime i import using the "import catalogue" feature and i choose erase and replace existing data it imports fine but on homepage it keeps increasing the product count? and my CSV file only has like 807 products and it shows that. So don't understand why product count keeps duplicating everytime i do an import as if there is only 807 products then no way should there be like: DOOR SEALS - 1859 I even went into the database deleted cubecart_inventory and did a FRESH import and still was showing over 1000 it didnt RESET it? Kind Regards, Aaron
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