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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have a web site using Cubecart 5.2.12 is there any way that the products can be controlled to display in a certain order? as at the moment they are displaying randomly.
  2. Is it possible in any way to upload / attach pdf files to the products? My client wants to have 1 to 3 pdf files assigned to each product. It should be possible to download the files in the products detail page.
  3. We've just updated our store and on 4.4.4 (I think it was) we had a hidden category, but we could link directly to products for people to buy (think things like tickets that only certain clients are invited to. The problem is though, since updating, when you view a product in a hidden file now, it is just a plain blank page. Anyone know how to sort it? It doesn't make much sense seeing as the items show up in search results, but then when you click them, it's just blank?! Any help appreciated! Many thanks
  4. Guest

    Manufacturer Link

    Hello Everybody, I am running the most up to date version of cubecart, (not a paid up version as yet, as i am still tweaking the design here and there) and have a question As it has a manufacturer field in the database, i wondered is it possible to query all products by said manufacturer? I have images on the homepage of each logo of the manufacturers and it would be nice if there was a little query/address i could run under the image to display all the products that have that manufacturer, something kinda-like..... a href="www.mywebsite.com/index.php?view_products=all&manufacturer=sony" I made that up, but you get the jist, Thank you for the help in advance. Dan
  5. Hello, Could not find any solution on both forums so here's my (major) problem: 1) I noticed that when a client is buying multiple products, in the e-mail notification the total price is correct but you see only 1(!) product. What I want, and has to be normal, is an overview of ALL the products that the client bought. The email templates are original and my CC version is 5.14 (latest) 2) Besides that the client does not receive any email till the admin changes the status. Need solution too for this one. Kind regards, Boudi PS: the reason for urgency is that our client has to put the shop online within 17 hours from this topicstart.
  6. i keep getting a wrong price on my products after i save and view the home & product page.
  7. Guest

    Product Count increases

    Hey wondered if someone could help me i have an cuebcart site http://www.washingmachineparts.org.uk and everytime i import using the "import catalogue" feature and i choose erase and replace existing data it imports fine but on homepage it keeps increasing the product count? and my CSV file only has like 807 products and it shows that. So don't understand why product count keeps duplicating everytime i do an import as if there is only 807 products then no way should there be like: DOOR SEALS - 1859 I even went into the database deleted cubecart_inventory and did a FRESH import and still was showing over 1000 it didnt RESET it? Kind Regards, Aaron
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