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File Difference Report v5.1.1 to v5.1.3

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Guest Miwk Publishing

Could you provide a link to the 5.13 update to manually download - the dashboard upgrade option never works for us as it stops on 1.php and can't proceed.

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Hi fellow Cubecarters,


So I am faced with upgrading from 5.1.1 to 5.2.2. It's my first upgrade and I get the impression from various posts on the forum that upgrading via the dashboard is pretty pointless? Is there perhaps a difference report for what I need so that I can swap out the files manually?


Many thanks in advance.

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There have been a huge number of changes from 5.1.1 to 5.2.2. Doing the manual upgrade would probably be less tedious for you, unless you have loads of modifications you need to preserve.

BACKUP EVERYTHING FIRST - database and existing CC files.

Upload the 5.2.2 zip file to your store directory via your host control panel File Manager WITH execute permission.

Extract the file.

Go in your browser to your store url with /setup on the end and choose UPGRADE

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Thanks Dirty Butter,


I'm now looking into doing this upgrade via FTP. Your comments are helpful.


I've also reffered to the following post which I think pretty much covers the process http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/47294-how-to-do-manual-upgrade/


I'm sure this is pretty fundamental stuff but this bit I am still not clear on.


If I extract all the files from within the 5.2.2 container folder and upload to the server there are going to be files and folders that overwrite my existing files and folders with the same names. Is this not going to wipe out my existing images, additional moduals that type of thing?


How do I manage this aspect of the upgrade when doing things this way?


Appreciate your thoughts

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I use Beyond Compare3 to create the File Difference Reports.


For me personally, I make a File Difference Report between MY current version (with all my modifications in place) and the newest version. Then I manually merge all MY modifications with the new version.


Sometimes that means using my heavily modded OLD file (from the backup I made before upgrading) and just tweaking it with some minor modifications from the NEW version. At other times it's easier to tweak the NEW version with minor modification differences from the OLD version.


Thank goodness most upgrades don't make lots of changes in lots of files IF I do an upgrade each time one is available. It's harder for me this time, because I'm still on 5.1.4 with our main store and a lot of files have changed in jumping to 5.2.2.


This is a tedious process. If anyone can explain a better way - I'm all ears!

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