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Resolved - Incoming admin emails in html instead of plain text


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Hello Everyone,

All my emails sent to me through admin to notify me of orders placed are in html rather than plain text.

I have looked everywhere but am unable to find where to change this...

Thanks in advance :)

(mican skin)

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I *think* CC5 will send both the plain text part and the HTML part of an email. I haven't really looked into that.

I *think* almost all email programs will show the HTML version of an email if there is such a part to it. If not, then the plain text part. However, I believe most email readers (Outlook, et.al.) have a setting that will show your preferred part (plain or rich text) regardless.

But if you don't want to ever send a rich text part, I wonder what would happen if one were to just erase all of the HTML Content.

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All the emails I received from CubeCart Version 3 notifying me of orders have always been in plain text. (does CC5 have more html in the emails?) But I will see if my 'mail' on my mac is changing it, I dont think so though, as all my other emails are plain text....

I am guessing that customers choose to receive either plain or html when they suscribe...so that shouldn't be a problem.

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