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Resolved - print order form displayed twice

Guest irrimiri

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Guest irrimiri

Hello there.


I have a question regarding the print order form gateway in my shop.
Yesterday I moved my shop to another host. All is working well again, but for some reason the print order form option is displaying two times when the customer wants to place an order and is checking out.
(You could try at www.petitemiri.nl)

enabling and disabling didn't work. Nor did repairing the tables.

So somehow there is this duplicate that is misplaced somewhere, probably after the import I guess.

I have been looking into my database but am not sure where I need to look. I've been checking for gateways etc to see if the print order form option has a duplicate there. But I can't find it because I am not sure where to search for it.


I was hoping someone could lead me into the right direction?

Thanks very much in advance!


Kind Regards,


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You will want to look in the table CubeCart_modules. In the 'module' column there will be the module type, gateway. Of that type, in the 'folder' column, there will Print_Order_Form, possible there will be two records.


If there are two (or more), delete all but one of them.


If you notice other duplications,you can remove all but one of each duplicated set.

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Guest irrimiri

@dirty butter, thanks I will change my signature.

Thank you very much! I see there are a lot of duplicates so I need to delete them. Very happy that this was solved so fast. Thanks!

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