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All in One Shipping Module


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Hi there,


Is there an overview of the All in one Shipping Module facility. It looks great but I cant find the support documentation for setting it up and undersatanding how it works.




I'm running 5.2.2


Thanks in advance.

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Hello fellow Cubecarters,

I am having difficulty with the new all in one shipping matrix. It's a welcome addition to 5.2.2 but I have found that when an item has sold out my shopping cart still processes that item as though it was still available and in stock.

Looking at the backend of the site I see that an item is clearly marked '0' in the 'stock level' field but the item continues to be available on the product description page and indeed can be added to the cart and purchased. Basically this leads to sales of stock that I don't have which is very bad.

Looking at Cubecart 'store settings' under the 'stock' tab I have unchecked 'Allow out-of-stock purchases' so I know that this is not causing the issue.

Can anyone assist with this (Bsmither?) Has anyone else experienced this?

Many thanks in advance

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This is a good point and I had considered this earlier. I have already unchecked the 'Use Stock Level' in 'General' but this did not resolve the issue.



The only way an item will go out of stock is if I manually switch it off under 'Options' 'Product Options' uncheck the variant. This is fine but I need this to happen automatically rather than manually unchecking the variant each time the stock level reaches zero.

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Yes I see what you are saying now.  I think I probably initiated both functionalities at the same time after I upgraded and have confused them as one. You are right this is infact not related to the 'All in One Shipping Module' but very much the 'Options Matrix' thanks for the clarity.



Can anyone assist with the 'Options Matrix' in this case?


Many thanks

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They are entirely separate, but both are recent CC additions. All in One is some version of Estelle's shipping mod, but the Options Matrix is brand new. Like most new products - there are aspects that still need tweaking - the stock level part for sure.


Search on this forum and you'll find several discussions of the Option Matrix. I suggest you create a new post with your issue and ask for help with the Options Matrix if you don't see what you need.

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