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Cart Items, number less than zero


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In the shop set up the customer sells chrome molly steel 

they do most sales as per " 1 metre as 1 in the cart " for tube/rod ect  (300 items)


to keep consistent the big ticket steel items are some at times sold in cm lengths 10cm would equate to 0.1


we have found that doing that from the product page does not get passed onto the cart when

if you insert 0.1 and view cart it goes to 1 


looking at cart BUT you can ten change and apply 0.1 in the cart  and it changes the pricing correctly 


so knowing that, is that a bug? as the cart does recognize less than 1 so i guess that's correct

if not is the a hack to make product page do it? (less than 1 values )



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Yes, there is a discussion how to make sure CubeCart retains fractional quantities. Search for fractional quantities or partial quantities (http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46727-quantites-05/).


Be aware, however, Devellion's philosophy is that CubeCart will have whole-number quantities -- not to support partial or fractional quantities.


To follow their argument (but not necessarily agree with it), I see that clearly declaring that "Rubber tubing is sold by the meter" and "Copper tubing is sold by the centimeter," should still allow for whole number quantities.

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Thanks Mr B 

i did the mod and a quick test - it works ok and allows to 1 dec point "Awesome"

That would be an awesome feature to add to the wish-list of features


I can see how a lot would not use that (you cant sell 1/2 of a lot of items - a TV)

and the same time the customer in this case would not be doing gift certs for chrome moly tubing

but has now totally changed how they can sell for all tube stock less than 1m lengths 


I know they would of paid for a feature like that 




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