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Resolved - Moving CC v5 site - blank site

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I've moved a test instillation of CC v5.2 (working ok) to a new server, to try and establish if it was the old server which was causing CC to run very slowly.


I have copied all the files from the root directory and DB onto the new server, and updated the includes/global.inc.php file with the new DB access info.


However, there appears to be a second global.inc.php file in the includes folder called global.inc.php-xxx.php (where xxx is an 11-digit number). This had similar info to the global.inc.php file but a couple of different $glob lines.


I'm just wanting to find out which globals.inc.php I need to update, and why there is the second one with the number in the file name. Have I missed any steps in the moving process?


Many thanks,




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When CubeCart updates or is backed up, the current rendition of globals.inc.php is renamed with a date tag added to the filename. In addition, the downloaded package contains a global.inc.php.dist that is used as an example of what the values for the array should be and what they mean.

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Unless you know you have a PHP error log somewhere that you can look at...


I would like for you to create a file named ini-custom.inc.php and its contents will be:

ini_set('display_errors', true);
ini_set('log_errors', true);
ini_set('error_log', CC_ROOT_DIR.CC_DS."php_errors.log");

Now try to access your site. If there is an error that PHP catches, it will be recorded in the file php_errors.log in CubeCart's main folder.

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Think I've found the issue. Checking phpinfo() for the old and new sites, the new VPS site did not have Ioncube and Zend Optimizer installed.


I'm a complete novice re setting up a VPS, and didn't know I needed to do this myself, but it's done now, and all looking good.


Any further issues, and I'll create the ini-custom.inc.php file.


As always - greatly appreciate the help.



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