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EMERGENCY! (seriously!)

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I recently switched servers to a better one (just upgraded & migrated is all), everything went smoothly, I have logged into the admin since then, MANY TIMES without issue. Now it is saying it is not licensed. So I go to put in the licanse again and it says it's not valid!!!!!


I need this fixed ASAP! My client is FREAKING OUT, & obviously for good reason as it is limiting her items, I REALLY HOPE it hasn't deleted the rest that aren't allowed with the lite version. I need help right away.


If I click on The link for e-mail on the support page, the knowledge base, or try to submit a ticket from the contact page, I get an error saying:


Secure Connection Failed


I need to get this resolved QUICKLY, & if it's caused by something being down on your server, there HAS TO BE some sort of backup in place or something because this can't happen again, it just can't. Please, please, please help me resolve this ASAP.


Thank you.

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Welcome to the club. It's been like this since yesterday for me. All they say on Twitter is that they're looking into it and giving all sorts of lame excuses. I'm just really glad my store hasn't gone live yet as I've still got time to switch to a company that provides decent support.

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Are you serious? OMG! My clients site IS live & if they don't get this fixed soon I don't know what I am going to do. The whole site is designed around CubeCart's template system etc. I have hired a programmer & spend quite a bit of money on developing custom mods for my clients needs. If for any reason I had to start all over again with a new cart system, I would be totally SCREWED! There's no way (I know for a fact) my client can afford to move to a new cart & start over again. OMG if they don't get this fixed, I don't know what to do! omg! omg! omg!

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From your announcement mentioned above:

- your store calls home once every two weeks to validate the license key. For it to call home during a rare period of down time is exceptionally unlucky and this outage only affects a small amount of our customers.


Would it not be a simple solution to implement a preliminary check into this system to prevent this issue entirely?


Poll the licensing server

Then only if a proper response is received, continue with the validation measures

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