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Resolved -Empty Admin pages


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When signed into admin the pages are empty.  The tabs at the top are there and indicate admin errors but the pages are all blank.  There is a timing bar scrolling in the centre of the pages. The menu items on the left are all there but when you select the page opens but its blank.


The cart works fine but I cant do any admin.


Any ideas?

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Welcome Bossman1! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


The scrolling bar that doesn't go away is an indication that the javascript code did not start, or stopped abnormally.


There is a problem with a certain version of CubeCart 5.1.x whereby the request for the jQuery library (needed to run CubeCart) from the Google CDN was pulling in the most recent version that turned out to be incompatible with the javascript code that used it.


But if you are running CubeCart 5.2.x, then the problem must be that something else is causing javascript to not load, not start, or to crash.


Your browser may have some sort of javascript console or error log that will list what is going on with the javascript.

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For the javascript to not get fetched, not start, or crash... that comes when everything has already been done by CubeCart and the page has been successfully delivered to your browser.


The HTML in the page tells the browser that there are javascript, image, and css resources that need to be fetched. And responding to those requests for these resources from your browser is the job of the web server on your hosted account (Apache, for example), it being operational, and having nothing to do with CubeCart's state of being.


From how I understand CubeCart's licensing check works, a failed check means you shouldn't even get a page that looks like you have logged in to admin. You probably wouldn't have gotten to a log-in page.


"Does that mean the only way to cure the problem is to upgrade the cart to a newer version?"


No. There has been a fix for that specific problem with CC51x, but, of course, trying an upgrade is generally the preferred course of action.


The first step you need to do is to tell us the exact version of CubeCart you have.

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Since you can't get past the throbber bar, you will need to either:

Go to your hosted space control panel, use a text viewer tool, look at the contents of ini.inc.php, and near the bottom find the statement that gives the exact version of CubeCart: 5.X.Y.

Or use an FTP program to fetch a copy of that file to your local computer and look at it using a text viewer there.


Or find the package you downloaded from CubeCart.com and installed on your hosted site. The filename will be the complete version.


Or if your hosted site subscription included CubeCart as an included app you could install, what does the details of your subscription say about that?

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