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Shipping shown incl. VAT


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Dear helpers,


I have an issue.
According to our law we need to show all our cost or as inclusive VAT or exclusive VAT.
I chose for including 21% VAT.


Now, on all the side it shows the prices including VAT but on checkout it sets the prices to excluding vat.
For the product it is ok but for the shipping it must show the price as including VAT.



1x Product - XXXXXXXXX (€21.00)                             €17.36

                                                             Subtotaal:           €17.36

                                                              Shipping            €18,15                              --------------------------> €15,00 excl. VAT

                                                              Total VAT           € 6.79

                                                              Total                  €39.15


What I would like is that it should show the shipping price incl VAT but keeps the total VAT in place.

Hope I explained correct ;)

Thanks in advance,
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I can look at this tomorrow. But I am in a country that shows its taxes differently - so I don't know how well I will be able to help.


If your CC5 is registered, feel free to submit a support ticket at the same place where you obtained your license number.


In the quote above, is the figure in red what you want, or is it what you have?

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red is what I would like.


Product  - Excl.VAT
Subtotal - Excl. VAT

Shipping - Incl. VAT

Total VAT - Total VAT of Product and shipping
Total - total price Incl. VAT


So, it should show the shipping cost as an incl. VAT price.


Or would luv to see

If it is possible to show all prices incl. VAT and only show VAT total.

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I'm new to CC.

I think you can easily show all prices including VAT on your website.

I managed it by using the admin tool --> taxes --> tab tax rules


I created the following rules, and all my prices on the site and checkout screen display VAT included


Tax Rules Current Tax Rules Status Tax Classes Tax Details Country County Subtotal Shipping Tax Rate  
1.png 0% BTW BTW Belgium All Regions 0.png0.png % delete.png

1.png 6% BTW BTW Belgium All Regions 0.png0.png % delete.png

1.png 21% BTW BTW Belgium All Regions 0.png0.png % delete.png



If you want to excluded VAT for several rules, just click the red cross underneath Subtotal for all your rules.

If you need to have the shipping shown tax included, just leave the red cross as shown above


I hope this helps you a bit

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But the prices of the goods are correct, just The Shipping costs are shown excl. VAT but calculated incl. VAT

This I would like to have shown incl. VAT


1.png Standard Tax BTW Nederland Alle Regio's 0.png0.png % delete.png


€176.74 Subtotaal

€18.15 shipping

€194.89 totaal*


If I disable tax on shipping and subtotal.. All is shown correct and the price is being calculated correctly.
But now I don't have a Tax field that shows how many Tax is included in the price.

Like here


€176.74 Subtotaal

€18.15 shipping

€33.82 VAT

€194.89 total*


If you know how to show that, I am happy too

Think here is a solution for an older version. Ya have 1 for this newer version?
'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

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