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Hello fellow Cubecarters,

I am currently customising my second store and am looking for a way to arrange my site docs in 4 separate vertical columns or boxes within the footer.

I don't want to duplicate the same site docs at the top and bottom of the page but rather spread my site docs in columns of 4 from left to right of the page.

So if you could imagine the following scenario on a page. But with different content for each of the 4 {$SITE_DOCS} each editable from the dashboard.


Can this be achieved relatively easily?

Many thanks in advance.


Footnote: I am working with crosshatch 5.2.8.

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Feel free to consult with the author about providing for an arbitrary number of locations.


I am confident that the instructions will say, "In the skin template 'main.php', put {SiteDocs1} wherever you want the first group to be, {$SiteDocs2} wherever..."


There is no place on the author's site that says any decoder is required, so, if certain parts of the mod's code are human-readable, it will be trivial to make the mod give you however many locations you need.


On the hand, I may not be understanding your needs accurately.


From another perspective, you may be asking for what is called "snaking columns". That is, you limit the first column to six entries. When a seventh is added, automatically there becomes two columns with six and one. When a 13th item is added, automatically there becomes three columns with six, six, and one. And etc.


You see this in some styles of multi-column word processing.

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Thanks Bsmither,


I'll contact the author about additional groups. I don't need the entries to snake or spill over from one column to another necessarily. Having created a 'site doc' I would need to allocate it to one of the 4 box's/groups via the dashboard. Essentially I need to add up to 4 separate groups of unique site doc URL'S.


Many thanks

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