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Outlook and POP3 Email Passwords


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I have a problem in that my programmer has abandoned the Cubecart project and although the website is functioning we can not make changes because we don't own this license.  Without control and passwords we can not make changes.   To add insult to injury, last week I had to reload an OS and subsequently all my software of which Outlook was one.  I have lost all my POP3 email accounts associated with our website that is being hosted by BlueHost.   My programmer set them up for me about 2 years ago but I don't remember the necessary server info and passwords required to activate them in Outlook to "receive and send".  Is there any way Cubecart can help or is it purely a BlueHost.com issue?  




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Hi Chris

Not having access to the CubeCart licence code does not stop you making changes to your CubeCart site except you would not be able to move the site to use a different domain although moving hosting on the same domain would be fine.

As far as the email passwords are concerned, it is purely a hosting issue and CubeCart will not be able to help. You need access into your hosting control panel where there will be a section to setup / delete / modify email accounts and you will be able to change the passwords for all accounts there and probably see all server settings that will be required as well



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