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Remove ability for customer to cancel order

Ms Holly

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Is there a way to remove the ability for a customer to cancel an order the reason is.


I get the order in, I go off and pack it come back to enter the tracking code and the customer has cancelled the order.   A practice that I am clearly going to have to change but sometimes I don't enter the tracking order and change the order to complete until after I have posted the item, this means the customer has cancelled the order but I have already sent their item.


They can not get their money back until I go into paypal but its still a hassle so I would rather take away the ability for them to cancel and order for change of mind and rather have them email me if they need to.


Thanks in advance



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There are two places in the CC527 file /classes/cubecart.class.php:

Near line 2114, Was:
$order['cancel'] = (in_array($order['status'], array(1, 2))) ? true : false;
$order['cancel'] = false; // (in_array($order['status'], array(1, 2))) ? true : false;
Near line 2079:
if (isset($_GET['cancel'])) {
if (false) { // isset($_GET['cancel'])) {

The first tells the skin to not show the link for cancelling an order. The second is to deter the CubeCart code from cancelling the order if one were to manually enter the cancel URL in the browser.

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