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Shopping Cart Empty after adding product


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Every once in a while my website will have issues when a customer adds product to the shopping cart it will show it was added, but then if they go to the cart it says it's empty. Then the customer can try to add product again, it will show 2 items in cart, but when you click on the shopping cart, it says it's empty. I've been able to cure this by clearing the cache under maintenence. This fixes the issue for a while, but then it reoccures.


Anyone know why this is happening?


Running latest version CC 5.2.12

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Or alternatively ensure you have the correct rewrite commands in your .htaccess file to ensure that you always use a domain with or without the www prefix and ensure that your chouce matches the store url and ssl url. This symptom is typical of switching between the two on pages within a store

Al's suggestion should also fix it but this solution has the advantage that it also stops duplicate page content penalties



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