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Andy Gillam

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Greetings, Cubecart aficionados!


Another successful go live with this impressive platform.  Storefront is accessible via catalog and buy now and storefront links interspersed throughout the site.


Hope all is well within the community. 


Best regards,



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Yes, I definitely agree re: social icon sizing and placement.  That's true both for our website and our storefront.  Those default sized ones in the main site offered by my content manager (not Cube Cart) are fairly underwhelming.   We also still need to do a better job distinguishing between links for accessing our content in those arenas, as opposed to sharing with others.  Thanks for pointing this out, though -- I think this is the most consistent area of feedback we've gotten from reviewers, and it needs to have more 'sizzle.'


I greatly appreciate your time and your comments, so thanks again.

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