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Product Feeds to External Entities


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CubeCart allows for an external entity (such as Google, Shopzilla, etc) to request a "product feed". In admin, you can set a "password" that, when a querystring containing this password (and other things) is given to CubeCart, CubeCart will return a CSV with all your products.


I need someone to corroborate this behavior on their store. Try an access number that is wrong, and also the correct access number.



You must be logged out as an admin, since the external entity won't be.

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Make any kind of password that uses legal characters in a URL. That is, letters and numbers. Enter that in the admin field and Save. Log out.


Now simply enter this in your browser:


where whatever is that password.


What happens?

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Hi bsmither, I can corroborate my findings.


Using the correct access code, downloads the export.

Using the wrong access code takes me to the admin control panel login screen.


Looking further at the successful feed the layout looks all wrong.  The data from the next product is showing up at the end of the product before it, etc.


I looked briefly at the google export feed and it has a correct layout.  Let me know if you were looking for something else.

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Excellent. Thank you.


The reason the lines run together is that web browsers will "collapse" all runs of whitespace characters together and instead place one space character in the text. Whitespace characters are tabs, newline endings, spaces, and vertical tabs (rare).


Browsers require HTML to control whitespace: &nbsp;, <br />, <p>, and certain other block-level tags.


But you can ask your browser to show you the source HTML and you will see tabs and line endings as you would in normal text.

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