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So I am by no means a web editor and have had about a few weeks of actual web design and editing trainging. So I apologize in advance for not know what I am doing or talking about.


I am editing a web site thats rather old - and I was "shown" how to add product to this website using CubeCart - but our version is like 3.0.18 (no joke thats the version)


So I notice when I ADD categories the categoreis DONT actually show up online. It shows up just fine in the cubecart thing but nothing else. So I have been trying to figure out how to do that on my own.

I have DreamWeaver CS6 at my disposal but I also have filezila - I have figured out how to actually add a category to the web site but the category does not look the same in some ways nor does it show up on cubecart. Also I tried adding a category to cubecart with the same name but that doesnt help me they cont speak to each other at all.


How can I add categories on both the web site and the cubecart program and make them work with each other.

Is it simply my cubecarts out of date?


This is what a category looks like that already works - Notice the text at the top of the category shows a name and has text - the next category does not have that.


This one was added but product cant be added to it nor does it have the text up top  



Please Help

All I want to do is add categories and be able to add product to them via cubecart - thats it - cant be that hard 


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Welcome CHGTF! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Your store is running CC5 but the URLs you gave us above is of the CC3 format. No problem as CC5 can internally convert them.


"How can I add categories on both the web site and the cubecart program and make them work with each other."


CubeCart "out of the box" has never been able to automatically update any non-CubeCart webpage/website with the products, categories, and documents that are created in CubeCart. But looking at your statement another way, perhaps you are referring to CubeCart's storefront as the web site, and referring to CubeCart's administrative backside as the cubecart program. It's all the same program.


Categories with a cat_id of 51 through 56 does not exist. Or these categories are not enabled, or are not visible, or are child categories of a category that is not enabled or visible.


However, even if category 51 is disabled or hidden, administratively, you should still be able to assign products to that category.

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Thank you so much bsmither

It was out of date and it appears as if you checked my web page after I figured out how to update cubecart - thus updating the web page.

The cubecart was not only the CC3 version it was the lite version.  (Dont know if that mattered but it does not matter now)  

I can now add and edit categories just fine with the CC5 version!


So now I am good to go!


Thank You!  I even added paypal payment process!!! which I couldn't do prior either!!

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