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Would like to do a fresh install

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Due to constant PHP error messages, and the website constantly giving "this webpage is not available" (details on Chrome gives ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) messages to customers and us, I've decided perhaps the best option is to do a fresh install and load on our documents and images.  I've spoken to tech support from our webhost and they say its our problem.


So, I can do a Full Backup, or a Partial Backup of Home Directory, MySQL Database, and/or email forwarders and filters.


What is the best way to accomplish this if I do it myself?  Is there something tricky I should be aware of?  I've had a scour of the forums and nothing seems to exactly answer my questions.


I only have one plugin/hook which disables customers on registration (as a way of checking a wholesaler's credentials before they start buying) which is easily installed.  My current version of Cubecart is 5.2.13.


So this is how I'm thinking it will go:


1.  Full backup, followed by a Home Directory backup (this will include all images and documents I hope).


2.  Manually wipe off everything in public_html.


3.  Clean install of latest version.


4.  Apply CC bought key registration thingy.


5. Restore Home Directory to get images and documents back on, and install my one and only plugin.


6.  All problems solved and everyone is happy, especially my wife who lets me play World of Tanks for the evening as a reward.


I'm open to other ideas.  I've tried resolving some of the PHP errors using the forum but I'm wary of testing the patience of those willing to respond to my seemingly endless list of errors from the error log.


Thanks in advance!

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Another idea... use a different hosting provider.


"webpage is not available" and "connection refused", in my experience, is when PHP and/or the web server has quit or has legitimately restricted access -- not the same as having crashed!


I run a Windows-based, non-Apache server, and I discovered that PHP, after having executed several hundred scripts (roughly), decides on its own to simply quit.


Now, Apache, with mod_php, will manage this action and invisibly restart PHP -- or whatever. I'm not sure.


But running PHP as a separate FastCGI module - right in the middle of doing something important, it seems, I would get "Service not available". PHP has simply quit.


There is a thing called FPM, apparently common in Linux PHP, that manages the FastCGI PHP module to keep it running. It's not available in Windows, or at least none of the server experts seem to be expert enough on Windows to explain what's going on. (I wrapped PHP inside a "Windows Service" and then that service monitor keeps PHP up and running.)


Having said all that, if your hosted account's PHP or web server is crashing, it is important to fix the script. But if quitting, then a 'nuke-n-pave' with a fresh install isn't going to fix the environment.

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Thanks, as it turns out we've already taken steps to do that as we're not happy with the web host we have, certainly not with their support.


So my cunning plan for the new webhost is:


Plan A.  Just migrate over everything in its entirety to the new webhost.  Sorting out domain stuff at the same time.


If I still have problems, go to Plan B:


PLAN B!  (works better with some kind of montage, but just imagine it).


  1. Do a full backup (just in case) on old webhost, then back up Home Directory in cpanel
  2. Install Cubecart on new webhost.
  3. Apply key registration
  4. Restore Home Directory to upload images and documents.
  5. All problems solved and everyone is happy.  

I'll let you know how it goes.

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So we're on the new host website, but we can't login as admin.  I get no error message when I try, it just wipes the username/password I entered.  I tried the reset password option and no email is forthcoming.  I tested the new email and it seems to work.


I've looked in the forum and there is some instructions about using PHPMyAdmin to edit CubeCart_admin_users .  I gave it a go but the columns mentioned there (salt, new password, status) do not appear.


Are there any updated instructions about this?    

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In the database table CubeCart_admin_users, is the first column named admin_id, or adminId? Is there a column named super_user or isSuper?


If the first case, then you are looking at a table correctly structured for a CC5 database. If the latter, then its a CC3/4 database.


Is there a table named CubeCart_code_snippet? If not, then the database you are looking at is at least not up to CC5.2.2 schema, and is probably not a CC5 database.

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It seems I have two databases, one called (website name)_cc4 and one called (website name)_cubecart.  


The _cc4 database has CubeCart_code_snippet, and it's cubecart_admin_users table has admin_id, salt, super_user.  


The _cubecart database admin_users_table does not have CubeCart_code_snippet and has adminid and isSuper in the cubecart_admin_users table.  


The opposite way around than I would have thought.  Could it be an error when the database was transferred over? Am I just reading it wrong?


My plan will be - try amending the cc4 admin_users_table as described in the knowledgebase and see if that works and allows me to log in.


If it doesn't maybe try swapping the names over of the two tables if it can be done.  Actually that sounds dangerous, maybe not.  I guess contact the host and see if they can help.

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"The _cc4 database has CubeCart_code_snippet, and it's cubecart_admin_users table has admin_id, salt, super_user."


It matters not a whit what the database is called, as long as CC5 knows what to call it.


True, from your perspective, the name gives some sort of indication as to its provenance, but, again, CC5 cannot care.

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